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Ever wondered what the ‘Bridgerton’ universe might smell like? Uber Eats is bringing period-era olfactory to life

Fragrance is the word on the streets, and it might just be on the backseat upholstery of your next Uber ride. The return of the regency era is fully upon us. To situate us further, Uber Eats has unveiled a limited edition boxed set of British parfumes in the same gilded world of the Get Almost Almost Anything campaign featuring Nicola Coughlan to Australian social media.

The five iconic fragrances adorned in regal packaging is a tongue-in cheek reference to period-era boyfriends - and how they are susceptible to bad hygiene, falling short against the caliber of wet dream material we've conjured them up to be.

“These beautifully presented collections are an irreverent ornament to our admission that you can get almost, almost anything on Uber Eats. And while we can’t deliver period romance, we will deliver Eau de Romance for a limited time,” said Brand Lead for Uber Eats Australia, Channa Goonasekara, “With social media season upon us, we could think of no better place to start creating whispers for the return of this iconic campaign featuring the ascendant Nicola Coughlan than on our Instagram account.”


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How do you get your hands on the perfumes?

Unlike this season of Bridgerton, love was amiss from the campaign regarding Irish starlet Coughlan. But the scent of romance will be present. Uber Eats will curate 100 uniquely crafted packs available for free to the first one hundred people that send “Eau de Romance” via private messaging on the Uber Eats Australia Instagram page.

The hand-designed collectible boxes and their five supporting scents encompass fragrances for female and male perfume and cologne enthusiasts alike with distinct floral bouquets permeating the collection. Inclusions range from oak, lavender, juniper, violet and rose as well as citrus bursts overplayed with grapefruit notes.

Each of the scents will stir and reimagine a memory of the dashed romance between Coughlan and her co-star in the previous Uber Eats brand campaign. Consider our olfactory senses stirred.


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