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Tyler, The Creator on life lessons from Pharrell Williams and Luna Park for his Sydney Tyler Talk with Converse

tyler the creator converse sydney

Tyler, The Creator is not new to Sydney, he was visiting the city just as the pandemic hit in 2020, but he had never been to Luna Park. So when he walked through that gaping mouth back in August, he went on every ride, including the infamous Rotor, which made him feel his age – that's 31 in case you were wondering. In the full video from his Sydney-based Tyler Talk hosted by Converse, the rapper makes other observations too; like how he feels at ease in Perth and shares his feelings on Australian McDonalds.

He knows how to hold a crowd, that much is clear. The audience at his Sydney Tyler Talk was filled with creatives from the Converse All Star Community, think musician PRICIE, artist and model Mikka Byarugaba, model and medical scientist, Reem Elnour, and R&B artist PANIA, all present to see Tyler, The Creator. There to lead the conversation was Converse All Star, Lydia Tesema.

As a champion of creativity that has long-demonstrated a commitment to fostering it in young artists globally, Converse brought 30 creatives from around the world together in Sydney, and before they sat down to absorb the pearls Tyler, The Creator had to offer, they spent the day collaborating in workshops to conjure up a handful of separate tracks that would be presented in front of the American rapper. You can find the songs online at Converse, which range from moody and sensual R&B to addictive melodies with Spanish lyrics.

Converse has also released a new colourway of its GOLF le FLEUR* 2.0 sneaker, to coincide with the drop of the latest All Star Series: Tyler Talk, in a verdant blue and green pulled straight from the animations of The Simpsons.

Now back to the Tyler Talk video. Get comfy and settle in, she's over an hour long and worth every minute. Find the conversation, below.

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