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Natasha Lyonne wants to help you finish your Sunday crossword

tusc charity auction

There are many bad ways to spend $3,207 – take a forgotten gym membership for example, or 26 parking fines. However, a Sunday spent hunched over The New York Times crossword with Natasha Lyonne sounds like a fair exchange. Newly formed organisation, The Union Solidarity Coalition (TUSC), promises this exact scenario as part of its fundraising initiative to support crew behind the WGA Writers Strike.

Also up for grabs? A signed fedora from Tom Waits, a home mural painted by Lena Dunham, an apron from The Bear signed by Ayo Edebiri and Jeremy Allen White, the opportunity for Adam Scott to walk your dogs for one hour, a Hawaiian shirt signed by Daniel Radcliffe and Al Yankovic, a pottery class with Busy Philipps, dinner with David Cross and Bob Odenkirk and relationship advice from Rosemarie Dewitt and Ron Livingston. There's... a lot going on.

The auction is a mix of celebrities offering their time and expertise or some of their most prized possessions – Spike Jones is parting with two GIRL skateboard decks signed by Rick Howard and Mike Carroll.


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Of course, many of the sessions are available to people living in the US only, so you might have to add the price of a flight onto your bid. However, if your life's mission is to sing Wouldn't It Be Nice with Lena Dunham while the two of you paint elephants onto your beige living room walls, then time to shoot your shot?

Speaking on the fundraising initiative, TUSC member Lena Dunham wrote in an Instagram caption, "Writers, directors and actors are nothing without crew – IATSE, LiUNA and Teamsters – and many crew members are at risk of losing healthcare during this challenging time. That’s why a group of us have come together to form @tusctogether. We are working with @mptf to raise funds for crew healthcare and this auction does just that."

Have a scroll through the TUSC Auction on eBay if you're in need of a pick me up. Otherwise, head to Twitter – I mean X, for a dose of very very good memes about the whole thing. Here's a few favourites.

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