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Ever wondered about energy healing? Here, Reiki healer Zannah Merricks explains the who, what and why of this 'hands-on healing' therapy.

What is energy healing?

As human beings we are all natural energy healers. At our most fundamental level we are pure energy / vibration, and therefore interconnected. Our hearts produce the largest and most powerful energetic vibration, and this is why love is considered to be the most powerful energy on earth. We are practicing energy healing when we hug and kiss or stroke a sick child’s forehead. Through our intention we guide our energy into another.

Due to the law of attraction the only vibrations that can share space are one’s that match. Like attracts like, and so whatever the dominant energy is, the ‘other’ energy will be entrained to align with it.

A professional energy healer uses the power of the law of attraction to affect your energy body via their own intention. When conducting an energy healing session the practitioner is responsible for holding and creating the dominant energy in the space, the energy of healing.

Energy healing includes a vast array of different techniques and modalities but most commonly you will come across hands on healing such as Reiki. The modalities differ from ‘natural’ energy healing in that the practitioner has received attunements, which, literally like a radio, tune the practitioner to a certain healing frequency, that they then channel into a client, most commonly via their hands.

Why you would seek it out?

If you feel that your problems are hard to put into words/talk about, if you’ve tried conventional medical treatment and not achieved desired results, if you’re looking for a totally natural method of healing, if you’re sincerely willing and wanting to heal.

What to expect?

The effects of energy healing on each person are completely unique.  Most people say that they feel clearer and calmer after a session. Some have revelations or meaningful insights, or memories that resurface. For some it’s just a deep sense of peace and contentment or pretty colours and lights. And for some the healing will trigger very difficult feelings as the energy works to bring emotions to the surface that have been repressed, in order so that they be felt, processed and in turn truly healed. Trust that whatever happens is for your highest and greatest good, or you wouldn’t have allowed it!

Who would benefit from it?

Anyone/anything can benefit from energy healing.

Zannah Merricks is a Reiki Master, Shamanic healer and massage/body therapist based in Highgate, North London.