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Take some time for the tooth gem – the next big Y2K beauty moment

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It seems with every day that passes, we come into contact with yet another micro trend. Thanks to TikTok, we're on a daily joyride of recycled Y2K looks coming up faster than you can say the words rainbow surf-core. The current item on the agenda is the return of tooth gems. The early aughts style embellishment that was often teamed alongside the cropped baby tee, baguette bag and pleated mini skirt.

Like the former, they peaked around the height of the Britney and Christina VMA's era. Now it seems they've circled back around once again, slinking off from the walls of pop culture back into the mainstream – showing up on Instagram on the pearly whites of models and influencers alike. Hailey Bieber was recently seen sporting two delicate stones, and FKA twigs ceremoniously had the word GOAT emboldened on her bottom teeth. What was once seen as interminably too "out there" is no longer the case, with many now returning to revive the look in an array of colourful and abject designs.



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What's the process?

Tooth gems like much of the 2022 beauty zeitgeist has an air of millennium street style about it. Over the last twelve months, social media has been lit ablaze with ways of trialing the style in the comfort of the home. As demonstrated on TikTok there are DIY methods, but many cosmetic dentists have warned, it's best to steer clear of this. Certain buy at home kits contain harmful glue and chemicals that can wear away at the enamel. Not to mention structurally, the gem needs to be placed a certain way so not to create any strain on the gums.



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Where do I get tooth gems done?

If you're looking to try the trend it's best to do your research first. Look to find a suitable cosmetic dentist who understands the process and will take you through the best method of care. While the process of removal isn't difficult they are semi-permanent. Overall the procedure can take upwards of 30-120 mins and no drilling or holes are required.

How long do they last?

For most gems they can last up to roughly six weeks, although pending on application and procedure this can vary. With proper care and application tooth gems can last up to two years. After care is essential here, with most professionals not recommending any food or drink straight after the procedure, and relying on soft foods for a day or so as to not risk the cosmetic integrity of the gem.

Where to buy them in Australia?

At present, we have a number of bespoke brands that offer tooth gems in the country. Take a look below at how best to get your hands on them. In the meantime, we'll be thinking of what words we want to bedazzle our smile with.

1. Sparkle By Maya

With over 57k followers on Instagram. Sparkle By Maya has a wealth of education and experience behind her. Based in Sydney, her services include teeth whitening, gem application and not to mention the first ever tooth gem training centre, for those interested in learning the art of application.

2. Lucky Tooth Gems


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Started by Melbourne based sisters Kitty & Laura-Mae, Lucky Tooth Gems delivers some of the freshest gem looks around. Known for their intricate, patterned details and floral arrangements, they use high quality crystals. Not to mention their inclusive booking guidelines, that thoughtfully asks for each patrons pronouns prior to booking.

3. Pearly Gems


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Another on the Melbourne scene, Pearly Gems offers a vast combination of colours and designs, including well known logos and symbols, whether it's a kitsch love heart or a pearl stud, they've got you covered.

4. Noir Tooth Gems

If sizing is your thing Noir Tooth Gems has your back, known for their various options you can go either micro or maxi for varied impact. The gems are also made available to order.

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