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As it turns out, Timothée Chalamet is actually just our dorky younger brother and here’s your evidence

It has come to our attention that Timothée Chalamet, the man we once simped over due to a certain peach scene, was in fact, once just a titchy gamer. In an interview with Nate Hill on YouTube as part of the Dune press tour, Timmy fondly recalled playing Call of Duty and Super Smash Bros.; even revealing that he could never get into Fortnite because the "building was difficult for him" - whatever that means. And that dear friends, is how to pour cold water on all of our sizzling fantasies.

More importantly, during the interview where Zendaya was also present, Timothée shared his old YouTube channel. Hello, ModdedController360. As you can imagine, we immediately seized this small tidbit and our extensive research shows that the Dune actor used to spray paint XBox 360 controllers, selling them for ten bones each.


A video from March, 2010 captures a husky-voiced, pubescent Chalamet proudly showing off his latest red-and-black tiger-inspired design. We thought we recognised those spindly fingers!

"That looks nice, that looks sexy", he says in his practiced secondhand-car salesman pitch. Apparently his enterprising spirit earned him $30. Naturally, we love it and love to see him owning his interests - however dorky they are. Although, we must admit it does shine a new light on how we view Timmy. A familial light at that.

There is something undeniably younger brother-ish about the clip. Timmy looks and sounds like he only recently graduated from "do you have any games on your phone" to locking himself in his bedroom, which would, of course, have the faint, dank musk of puberty about it, to play Luigi’s Mansion.

For those of you who have been unable to get onboard the Timothée Chalamet train, this might just be why. It turns out there's more to his boyish charm than meets the eye. This all-too-important discovery may cause you to lose the horn for Timmy, but for others, like me, this only fortifies our love for the floppy-haired fool. Will we ever get enough?

You can find the full interview between Nate Hill, Timothée and Zendaya, below.

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