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A round of applause for the street style and red carpet master, Timothée Chalamet

Timothée Chalamet has occupied a place in our hearts from the very beginning. And just like a fine wine, this young and impossible to ignore talent is simply getting better with age. While he continues to make waves on screen; there's no denying the ongoing influence he is simultaneously having behind the camera, thanks to his sartorial choices. Put simply, Chalamet has proven time and time again that he takes his style seriously – and who are we not to cherish and celebrate his dedication to such a worthy cause?

Unlike what we have come to expect from male Hollywood stars in the past – black tuxedos, we're looking at you – Chalamet is part of a new generation of tastemakers pushing the boundaries. Similarly to our boy Harry Styles; Chalamet has mastered the ability to merge his adoration for fine tailoring with a feminine touch. Floral patterns, sequins, colour (god forbid) – he's open to it all.

And naturally, he has a lengthy list of notable designers trailing after him, from the likes of Prada to his frequent collaborators Haider Ackermann and Virgil Abloh of Louis Vuitton. There's no question that his cult-fashion status is receiving the acknowledgement it deserves; a fact cemented by his recently announced partnership with luxury jewellery brand Cartier as a friend of the Maison. But as we've come to learn, Chalamet's killer style isn't based solely on event and evening wear.

Off the red carpet, Chalamet has garnered impressive and warranted hype for his street-style ensembles; and his relaxed and relatable off-duty style is slowly making its way into his more formal attire too. One simply has to look at his 2021 Met Gala look, or the Prada tracksuit-esque number he wore to the 2020 Oscars for proof. We love a man who can do both.

But where did Chalamet's sartorial reign begin? We're taking you right back to the beginning, in an effort to trace the journey that is Chalamet's style file.


Following the success of his 2017 film, Call Me By Your Name, Chalamet stepped out at the 90th Academy Awards in this off-white Berluti suit. While this was only the beginning of what would become a successful red carpet career; it marked a turning point for the young actor in both his career and fashion choices.

Later that year, we started to see a new side to Chalamet. This incredible Alexander McQueen suit at the UK premiere of Beautiful Boy was a sign of his more adventurous looks to come. The hair, the chains. Perfection.

It's clear that Timmy has a thing for a printed suit – especially of the McQueen variety. And why not when he looks this good?

The harness that stole the hearts of adolescent girls the world over. Timmy knew what he was doing with this look and it definitely worked.

And so the Timothée Chalamet street-style obsession begins. Making 80s windbreakers cool again just like that.

The first of many TC x Haider Ackermann moments. Signature of Chalamet, the duo took the classic suit silhouette for a ride and made it better.


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This is the hat we all dreaded wearing in primary school and Chalamet somehow makes it... cool?

Proving again that there's no colour he can't wear, this Stella McCartney suit and open collar situation has us drooling.

Jumping on the Monday morning Zoom call in our best work attire – Gorillaz shirt, mandatory.

Timmy's puffer of choice is Prada and honestly, did we expect anything less? A street-style king.

The slick-backed hair paired with the Prada tracksuit-meets-suit fit says it all.

Not only does Timothée Chalamet have great style, but he believes in climate change. Does it get much better than this?


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Pink acid-wash jeans and Nike x Travis Scott dunks proving again that this man knows his way around a wardrobe.

Timmy said silver platter and we ate it up!

The perfect duo, Timmy opted for a touch of sparkle with this Ackermann look at the Venice Film Festival 2021 and it continues to live rent free in our minds.

Timmy looking like the type of kid that would 100% get into Berghain while you and your friends are left waiting in the line.

Finally, Chalamet's 2021 Met Gala look. A piece of his diverse style merged into one – Converse sneakers and sweatpants, a Rick Owens top and Haider Ackermann blazer. It doesn't get more Timmy than that.


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