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Time Runs In and Then Runs Out launches at Jerico Contemporary

In tandem with the opening of Jedda-Daisy Culley's Printers and Portals at Jerico Contemporary, Culley and writer Anna Harrison launch their first collaborative publication, Time Runs In and Then Runs Out. The book features delicate watercolour works from the exhibition alongside Harrison's words, poetry conceived in response to the visuals.

"The book concept came together really seamlessly and spontaneously," describes Harrison. "Jedda and I had spent a fair bit of time discussing her latest exhibition and the circumstances around its genesis, so I already felt really connected the work and I suppose she sensed that. When she asked me to collaborate on the book that she and Stephanie had in the pipeline it just felt really right, and everything clicked. She hadn’t even finished telling me about it and the words started coming. It was almost eerie."

Of her role in the partnership, Harrison saw herself as a conduit for the messages of the artworks, "as if the images were spontaneously transmuted into words via my internal processing system," she says. "My analytical mind had very little to do with it – the process was intuitive and fluid. Jedda’s paintings already had a narrative embedded in them, they had a story to tell, and I just had to listen in and translate what they had to say.

"The broader universal themes of feminine identity, the destruction of the natural world and our relationship to the land are all very apparent in Jedda’s work, but more subtly transmitted are certain emotional complexities that are very personal and nuanced. This is really what I hoped the writing would capture, even abstractly."

Time Runs In and Then Runs Out launches tonight from 5pm at Jerico Contemporary.

"I’ve always been intrigued by [Culley's] art – it was always so varied and unexpected, it seemed like she was never afraid to put herself out there, try something new and take risks."

"Her art was, and still is, incredibly considered and detailed. I’ve come to realise that even more so through working with her – we’re both crazy perfectionists."

"We probably had about 50 conversations just about paper stock. I loved working with someone as passionate as I am about these seemingly insignificant details."