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Designer Cloe Cassandro shares postcards from Bali

Cloe Cassandro has been visiting Bali with her family for over 15 years, and it's an infatuation with the island and its people that spurred the designer to create her eponymous fashion label. Ethically hand-crafted by local batik men and tailors in Bali and India, Cassandro's breezy wrap dresses, silk pants and shirred tops are hand dyed and printed, for a collection of beautiful, unique designs in classic, timeless silhouettes. 

Here, Cassandro shares captures from her most recent trip to Bali, where she visited the makers behind her resort collections.

"Zainal - head of batik."

"Ubud Rain forest."

"Daily commute visiting the tailors, fabric shopping, batik men."

"Zainal printing our dot print."

"Once the fabric has been printed and dyed it goes on to a washing line to dry - the batik needs the sun to get the best colour out of the fabric."

"Santi - head of production. 'Boss in Bali’ - nothing would be possible without Santi."

"Ceremony in Bali, these happen pretty much daily in all villages. But it’s always a delight to see."

"Fabric shopping In Kerobokan. Silk crinkle is what the brand is known for, my mother started the brand 15 years ago and quite simple fell in love with the fabric and begun experimenting."

"Local lady making offerings."

"Pearly ice diamond and dot fabric from the Bridal Edit SS 18."

"The head tailor Ketut, and his wife. The tailors work from the comfort of their homes, to save money on childcare. We started off with just one tailor and one batik man, now we have 22 tailors and nine batik men working for us."

"Before and after the wax is removed - once we remove the wax from the cloth we then recycle it and use it again for printing."

"Traditional Balinese flowers - used for offerings."

"Sunset - my favourite time of day."

"Print of print - we made load of fans out of left over fabric and I used them for goodie bags at a trade show."