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Tiffany & Co. Save The Wild collection localise its efforts with Koala conservation

Back in 2017, we saw Tiffany & Co. embark on a momentous new endeavour, launching its Save The Wild collection in aid to support wildlife conservation in partnership with the Wildlife Conservation Network, the WCN. 100% of profits and proceeds from Save The Wild collection was donated to the Wildlife Conservation Network and with earlier this year, Tiffany & Co. proudly announcing its efforts in donating over 10 million dollars in providing critical funds and wildlife assistance towards the WCN and its conservation initiatives.

With having much of its work with the Wildlife Conservation Network centered in Africa, Tiffany & Co. are now excited to announce its localised conservation efforts with the launch of the new Save the Wild collection Koala brooch in cooperation with Australia and its Koala conservation initiatives.



In detail with climate change, natural disasters, deforestation and bush fires, Tiffany &. Co and Save The Wild Collection will bring to light the fast declining numbers in population of the Australian Koala and the decimation of 80% of its natural habitat and its long term effect on one of Australia's most valued wildlife species.


The new localised initiative will work in the ways of its new piece, a Tiffany Save the Wild collection Koala brooch, inclusive of 18k white gold and diamonds and a sterling silver charm. 100% of the funds from the new Save The Wild collection Tiffany & Co. Koala brooch will be donated towards deepening its partnership with the WCN and its koala conservation projects, with the grant supporting several different types of interventions including conservation action within Koala ranges, restoration and preservation efforts within Koala habitats and lastly, emergency responses to threatening crises including wildfire outbreaks, diseases and natural disasters.



The new Tiffany & Co. Save The Wild collection Koala brooch will be made available from July 2021 throughout all Tiffany & Co. boutiques and For more information on the Save The Wild collection and Tiffany & Co. conservation initiatives, visit or news and updates available on all Tiffany & Co. social media channels.


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