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The Upside’s Amelia Mather sends postcards from Spain


Our current moment has us dreaming about white sand and blue waters. A view into travel photography offers us some much-needed escapism.

Creative director of The Upside, Amelia Mather took a dreamy trip through Spain before the world locked down - and it offered her some new creative inspiration. The Upside's latest resort collection is all about holiday moments; balmy evenings, sunny days and warm hours spent basking in contentment of place far, far from here.

In celebration of this blissful, summery collection, Mather shares with us her favourite moments from her time in Spain, her secret lunch spots and her travel beauty essentials.



Tell us a little about your travels through Spain?

I first fell for Spain when I was 19 years old and haven’t skipped many summers there ever since. I first explored Barcelona and Ibiza and later I visited Formentera, neighboring Mallorca and also the Basque region in the North.

Growing up my dad was an architect and mum was a history and geography teacher. Visiting buildings and monuments were the motivation behind many family holidays and formed a cherished starting point for my endless desire to explore the world. When I started travelling on my own accord, naturally I headed for the beach towns and instantly fell in love.



What was your favourite stop?

Ibiza, always! It’s the island that keeps on giving. I never stop discovering incredible stories, people and places.



Where did you stay? Do you have a favourite hotel or property?

I’ve stayed all over the Island but two experiences stand out as memorable favorites. During my second trip to Ibiza I met Pepita and her family, they run a few quaint hotels in the Old Town and they’ve always accommodated my friends and I as though we were family.

Their properties have incredible views across the rooftops looking out over the marina. I’ve also had the pleasure of staying at Virginia Nieto’s Villa up in Santa Eularia. She’s a wonderful interior designer and I love her vibrant Spanish aesthetic. It’s the perfect Villa to rent with a group of friends.



What was your favourite moment from the trip?

Last year we had a very special lunch at a secret local spot called El Bigotes. They only have two seating’s at lunch and have been doing so for over 40 years. The first is local fish and salad and the second the famous fish soup with rice. They also have a house wine and coffee laced with brandy and spices. It’s on a little private cove and certainly off the beaten path. What more could you want?



What sights were on your must-do list?

We will always head to the Wednesday Hippy Market at Punta Arabi. It’s so colourful and busting with live music and you really get to experience a taste of the old Ibiza from the ‘60s and ‘70s. I picked up some hand-dyed t-shirts for my girls during our visit last year.



What are your favourite things to do on holiday?

The beach is always a priority during holidays. We usually start with a walk or swim, followed by the cuisine and immersion in the local culture. I love to research and read everything I can about a place so I can always maximise my time away and experience something new.


What’s your perfect travel outfit?

A bikini paired back with colourful spin shorts and an oversized beach shirt. I love embroidery and hand-made textiles in general, so I always pack a few of my handicraft bags that I’ve collected over the years as well as Greek sandals and lots of colourful petite jewels.



What three things will you always have in your bag when you travel?

Music, bikinis and an active set from The Upside for yoga sequence or stretch.


What’s your favourite kind of holiday? Sun and sand or snow and skis?

Sun and sand, always!



What is your favourite travel read?

If I’m not reading about travel destinations and history then I like to read about the body and any sort of integrative health books.


What are your travel beauty bag essentials?

When travelling I always take the Luna Bronze gradual tan moisturiser, Ren Moroccan rose body oil, Malin & Goetz lip gloss and hydrolytes.



What spot is next on your holiday list?

I am currently dreaming of Pantelleria, Ponza, Portugal, Ibiza and Formentera. For now, we will enjoy a staycation at home in Coogee!



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