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Summer 2020: Katharina Kaminski takes us away on her yoga and art residency on the island of Formentera

Can 7 Formentera

She’s got a beauty that captivates (not to mention a haircut that makes us want to part with our hair). But it’s her radiant energy that matters more. We first met Kaminski back in 2017 with the purpose of playing with lipsticks and from here she has developed into an artist - using whichever medium best allows her to express herself. 

Over the summer of 2020, in the midst of a global pandemic, she managed to escape to the island of  Formentera. And take her camera along for the journey. With photographer Ellen Von Unwerth, actress Sophie Karbjinski and friends Imke Inghart and Frits Thieme she spent a week finding freedom. 

Go away with Kaminski - through her eyes, in her words. 


“10-15 July was decided as the date for the amen yoga and art residency at Can 7 Formentera art residency. Little did we know we would be having a pandemic!

But the dates stood strong and those days we were there with friends, and friends that feel like family, creatives, artists, yoga instructors and free souls, connecting in a vibration of positivity, freedom and joy.

Can 7 works as an art residency in front of a nudist beach in Formentera during the summer. Together with the values of amen candles: mindfulness, balance and a strong feeling of evolution, innovation and enlightenment. We spent five amazing days connecting with each other and with nature."


"There is something about the sea that I love, I love to just float and close my eyes, feel the freshness of the water and the heat of the sun and become one with nature.”


“I think this year was even more intense, the feeling of freedom when you arrive at the beach because for two months I was locked inside and I really craved this. You can see how happy I was.”


“I met beautiful Imke on the island. We played like kids, we created and talked about creating, we cooked together and swimmed a lot!”


“Ellen shot us even under the water, and when Ellen shoots she just makes everyone enjoy and  have fun!”


Formentera, 2020.


"Self portrait wearing Rouje swimsuit!"


"Freedom to me means being myself ~ living and loving my life through my lens."


"Another of my favorite things: feeling the wind in my face while road tripping!"


"Thank you thank you thank you."


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