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Everything we know about Margot Robbie’s ‘The Sims’ movie

the sims movie margot robbie

Margot Robbie and her production studio LuckyChap are on a winning streak – Barbie, Saltburn and now, the possibility of a movie about The Sims. Will there be burning babies, doctors whose only qualifications are winning four games of chess? We're looking forward to diving deep into unhinged The Sims lore.


What will the film be about?

It's not yet clear what the movie will focus on. As anyone who grew up in the noughties, and spent hours hunched over their desktops playing the life simulation game, will know The Sims is plotless kind of like Barbie – which is what made playing it so fun. You can create Sims (virtual avatars) in whatever image you like and act as a puppeteer, steering them through the mundanities of life such as cooking, work, buying homes and making friends.

As a result, we can expect to go deep into The Sims lore, as Robbie and Greta Gerwig did with Barbie. Prepare for references to the game's various pre-made neighbourhoods like Strangetown, cheats and more. Hopefully we'll even get a taste of some Simlish – the language spoken in The Sims. Maybe Robbie will ask Katy Perry to record an original song, given her proven fluency in Simlish.

The first game in the series, called The Sims, was released in 2000, and was followed by The Sims 2 in 2004, The Sims 3 in 2009, and The Sims 4 in 2014. The IP was created by Will Wright, who dreamt up the “virtual doll house” after a personal tragedy in which he lost his home to a firestorm in 1991.


Who will star in the film?

There's no word yet on any actors attached to the adaptation. However, we do know that English director and producer Kate Herron will helm the project, with a script she's set to co-write alongside Briony Redman. Herron's resume includes directing four episodes of the first season of Sex Education.

As previously mentioned, Margot Robbie will oversee production via LuckyChap, which she runs with husband Tom Ackerley, childhood friend Sophia Kerr and their former housemate, Josey McNamara.

The Sims movie comes after a rise in IP being fashioned into films. After Barbie, Mattel has lined up playdates with the movie industry's hottest namesLena Dunham is directing a Polly Pocket movie, Daniel Kaluuya will produce an "A24-type" live-action film focusing on Barney the purple dinosaur, and Tom Hanks will put his spin on Major Matt Mason.

Robbie's own involvement is the result of a first-look deal LuckyChap signed with Warner Bros back in 2016.


Is there a release date?

It's too soon to confirm an official date. However, watch this space for more news as it emerges.

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