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A new dark fantasy series starring Gwendoline Christie is coming to Netflix

The Sandman series Netflix

While you might not instantly recognise the name Neil Gaiman, we're certain you will be familiar with his work. The prolific English author behind the hit children's thriller Coraline and Netflix series Lucifer, is continuing his run on the long list of writers whose work is receiving the on-screen treatment. One of his most acclaimed works, The Sandman, has been announced as a live-action series heading to streaming platform Netflix, and as expected, the confirmed cast line-up certainly doesn't disappoint.

The dark fantasy series has been described by Netflix as a "rich blend of modern myth and dark fantasy in which contemporary fiction, historical drama and legend are seamlessly interwoven." This description seems fitting, given that Gaiman's comic follows the people and places that are affected by the main character, Dream. Portrayed by actor Tom Sturridge in The Sandman series, Dream is one of the seven Endless, a group of beings older than gods. As his name suggests, he both personifies and rules over the land of dreams, constantly watching over people and places as he tries to mend the cosmic and human mistakes that he's made in his billions of years of existence.

If the premise of the show isn't enough to have you hooked, maybe the intrigue of a highly-anticipated Game of Thrones reunion will get you over the line? Gwendoline Christie – the formidable Brienne of Tarth – and Charles Dance, who portrayed Tywin Lannister, are sharing the screen once again. Christie is set to play Lucifer, ruler of the underworld, while Dance has been confirmed in a similarly frightening role as Roderick Burgess; a magician and blackmailer.

While it's tempting to begin speculating about when The Sandman series will be arriving to Netflix, it's important to note that the DC comic has taken 30 years to finally make its on screen debut – which means we'll probably be waiting a little while longer. Gaiman's work was first pitched as a film adaptation in 1991, and at one stage was even rumoured to star Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Dream. With a confirmed cast, fans of Gaiman and The Sandman can finally breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the Netflix series is definitely on its way.

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