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The Olsen twins are doing a closet clean out, and you’re invited


Perhaps the most glamorous internet closet clean-out in modern history is finally taking place, and the instigators of the entire event are fashion's chicest twins, The Row designers, actors and style icons: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

The clear-out in question is taking place via The Row's website and features special archival pieces that the twins have both used and worn for brand research purposes over the years. If you're expecting a RealReal or Depop type experience where items are draped across plastic mannequins and marked 20% off, you've got another thing coming. This happens to be the most artistically directed secondhand sale we've ever laid eyes on, with prices upon request.

What can be found amid imagery of beautifully draped coats and delicately folded pants, is archival designer wear from Chanel skirt suits to Yoji Yamomoto culottes.

Everything is as imagined, painfully chic. With cutout Comme Des Garçon waistcoats and Pierre Cardin capes, it's practically a blueprint for the infamous NYC brand DNA: restrained, elevated, and functional.

One can expect to find ample pieces by John Galliano, Issey Miyake, and Comme Des Garçons, so if you're looking for some rare pieces that have probably been on the backs of the Olsens and can spare a few thousand dollars (or more) this is certainly the sale for you. Imagine saying you once bought a Chanel skirt suit off of Ashley Olsen? What a time to be alive.

If you're in the mood to peruse the full collection, you can do so over at The Row's website. If you're looking for a more affordable way to take cues from the twins' style without having to potentially sell a kidney on the dark web, we've rounded up their most iconic looks over the years in a comprehensive blast from the past.

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Cover image: @cassblackbird