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Who we would cast in the cult 80s film ‘The Neverending Story’ reboot

Cult 1984 film 'The Neverending Story' is being revived for the big screen

The Neverending Story is really living up to its namesake this month, after it was announced that the 1979 German fantasy novel and 1984 cult film would be getting a remake for the big screen once more.

While the cast list has yet to be announced for the reboot, the film's production company, See-Saw, have already produced some pretty stellar films in the past: from Heartstopper to Lion and The King's Speech. 

Regardless, we wanted to throw our two cents into the mix, to let you know who we think would make the cut if we were to cast the reboot. But more specifically, I can't think of any child actors right now, so this is my adults-only fancast. Sorry in advance.


Bastian Bux

The original film had the charming Barret Oliver in the role, and while those Stranger Things kids would have been a shoe-in for the role about 10 years ago, I think Timothée Chalamet is our pick. Yes, he's like 29 or something, but he's played the saviour of a fantasy land before and I think he could put those baby-faced comments to good use here – and he could probably rock the bowl cut too, let's be honest.



Falkor is a very wise, optimistic, dignified character – kind of like Aslan from Narnia or Dumbledore from Harry Potter. I think the obvious choice for this role is Morgan Freeman – the ultimate voice actor choice for any god-like persona representing reason and dignity. Otherwise, it could be fun to throw Christopher Walken into the mix. I don't know why, just could be fun.


The Greenskin warrior Atreyu I think would need to be (and here me out here) Taylor Lautner, who will be coaxed back into the acting game for the role. He could do his own stunts – and his Sharkboy / Jacob from Twilight days would have prepped him nicely for the role, too.


Childlike Empress

I just know that Mia Goth – our darling scream queen from the X Trilogy – would eat this role up. She's got that ethereal kind of beauty that suggests 'otherworldly-ness', she's a great crier, and she's already basically a supreme and immortal ruler in our minds.


Night Hob

The species of Night Hobs are nocturnal and gremlin-like. I really think James Cordon would be great here. He gives big gremlin energy at the best of times, and after Cats it's not like this would be much of a stretch for him prosthetics-wise.


What is the plot?

In case you need a refresh, the film is based on the German novel by Michael Ende, which follows Bastian, a young kid who visits the bookstore to avoid bullies at school. Picking up a story titled The Neverending Story, he begins to question where the story stops and real life begins – and whether the fantasy land of Fantasia might need him as their hero to survive.


When will the film be released?

Seeing as the film is still in very early stages of planning and production, we don't think we'll be seeing this one on screens this year. There's also still speculation about whether it will be adapted as a single film, or if there will be multiple films (which seems to be increasingly common these days with cult sci-fi / fantasy adaptations –  a la Dune).


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