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‘The GoldTwinz’ is Jardine Libaire and Neil Krug’s psychedelic trip through Florida’s dark underground

The GoldTwinz

Los Angeles-based photographer Neil Krug is not a new face on the scene. His masterful ability to harness the romance and nostalgia of Hollywood technicolour has led him to some of the world's biggest stages. Last year, his work – consisting of dreamy desertscapes – took over billboards across the UK. Or for the musically in-tune amongst us, you would remember his transfixing photographs on the album artwork by the likes of Bonobo, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, and Tame Impala; as well as the album sleeves of his long-term collaborator Lana Del Ray. Now, he's moving into a new sphere of media, announcing a new crime novel and arts project titled The GoldTwinz.

Collaborating with American writer, Jardine Libaire, the duo is set to publish the project through NeoTex; a platform that is known for celebrating even the most psychedelic and warped creative pursuits. The Gold Twinz will tap into Krug's usual style of 'sunshine noir'; taping into the tropes of a traditional pulp novel and the American southern gothic.


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As we get to the end of the spooky season and get our head-start into the foreboding and fearful realm of Scorpio; Krug and Libaire's The GoldTwinz couldn't come at a better time. Here's everything we know about the project, below.


What is The Gold Twinz about?

Inspired by Jean Cocteau’s Les Enfant Terribles, the project follows the tale of orphaned protagonists Marc and Yvette as they navigate the complex worlds of webcamming, nightclub singing, and the dark web. Throughout it all, the twins find themselves caught up in Florida’s criminal underworld as they attempt to make a bid for freedom, revenge, and stardom. It's all chaos and fireworks, but we'll save the details for the screen.

"Together they’re determined to get her on stage (she’s a self-taught soul singer with paralysing stage fright) and get him the rec center for lost kids he’s always wanted to build. First they have to destroy his childhood abuser and get her out of a sex-cam “lullaby” contract she made to support herself and send money to Marc’s commissary," reads the official synopsis.


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The project stars Krug's collaborator and muse, the artist and model Kaiman Kazazian; who will take on the enigmatic role of Yvette. With Xuly Williams portraying Marc. As Krug has mentioned, The GoldTwinz has the intention of being an ongoing project; which means the digital novel and imagery won't be the last we see of this story.

The GoldTwinz by Jardine Libaire and Neil Krug is available now from NeoText.

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