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Diana Ross may be teaming up with Tame Impala on her forthcoming album and all we can say is let it happen

If there's been one flickering light guiding us safely through the rigmarole of 2021, it's the promise of a new album from Diana Ross. We may be crawling on all fours, fighting tooth and nail to get there, but there's no way we'd rather end this dark period than by shimmying onto the dance floor to any track from Thank You. Could this vision get any sweeter? Apparently it can. According to NMEDiana Ross may be teaming up with Tame Impala for a track on her forthcoming album.

As Diana Ross prepares to launch her first album in 15 years working with the likes of Jack Antonoff, Jimmy Napes, Tayla Parx and Spike Stent, it turns out she may have more in store for us than we initially thought. On October 3 NME reported that we can expect to see a collaboration between Kevin Parker - our home grown psychedelic hero - and Miss Ross as she adores “reinvention” and the opportunity to “melt” musical genres together.

"Diana might be 77 but she is determined to push musical boundaries and challenge herself,” a source told The Sun. “She loves reinvention and melting genres together. She’s really excited to work with Tame Impala and is ecstatic with the track – she can’t wait for fans to hear it." And to that we say, we can't wait either!

While a Diana Ross and Tame Impala collaboration is yet to be officially confirmed, it does beg the question, can our quaking hearts handle a duo this powerful? Only a night at Club 77 will reveal the answer.

In the meantime, you can listen to the title track and first single off the album while we wait for Thank You to be released into the world later this year. All we know is that if this Tame Impala collaboration is merely a dream, then for the love of Diana Ross let us sleep.

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