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Dr. Barbara Sturm is giving away her skincare secrets for free

Dr. Barbara Sturm Podcast

If you can't afford Dr. Barbara Sturm's many serums and you're too far away to enjoy a treatment at one of her international spas, then this news will bring you great pleasure. The German aesthetician and doctor has just launched her own podcast. Simply titled The Dr. Barbara Sturm Podcast, so far she's released four episodes, and now we can siphon off her knowledge for free.

Who is Dr. Barbara Sturm?

For those who aren't plugged into the beauty beat, Dr. Barbara Sturm is the person that birthed the "vampire facial" which was famously tested by Kim Kardashian. She's also the facialist of models like Bella Hadid and has clinics stationed globally in cities like Dusseldorf, London, Los Angeles, Miami and Dallas.

Coming from a background in orthopedics, Sturm famously pioneered a osteoarthritis treatment called the Kobe Procedure which uses patients blood cells to soothe inflammation and kick start the healing process. Her career in beauty blossomed when she translated this research into skincare. Therefore, she's renowned for her anti-inflammatory approach that rules out retinol and steers clear of "aggressive ingredients". This approach is best explored in her pricey but effective eponymous skincare line; with products like Glow and Anti-Pollution drops as well as a Hyaluronic Serum that will break the bank.

What is the podcast about?

In the four episodes that have dropped, Sturm along with co-host and author of Cracking the Menopause, Mariella Frostrup, dive into menopause and its influence on relationships, the workplace, while bringing listeners into important conversations about Hormone Replacement Therapy, perimenopause and more.

We expect the podcast to follow a similar format, beginning with menopause and digging into other topics that can shape the way our skin ages and our body performs.

Where can I listen to the podcast?

Episode one through to four of the The Dr. Barbara Sturm Podcast has dropped on Spotify, Acast and Apple Podcasts.

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