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A degustation of sound: devour your first listen of the ‘Taste’ issue with our exclusive playlist

Taste playlist

Taste, like beauty, is in the mouth of the beholder, so how to soundtrack something so deeply personal and subjective? We build our taste through years of wonderful mistakes and surprising discoveries producing something entirely unique to each of us. Rather than dictate what is believed to be good taste, here is a playlist about our sensorial taste, the things we eat and drink and how those things make us feel. One of our five ways to connect physically in this world, here is a collection of weird and wonderful songs about the things we let linger on our lips and that often last longer in our hearts.

In lieu of parties, indulge in Ween’s fantasy, as they invite you to a party of tri-coloured pastas on gold platters, and like us, dream about throwing a party, ‘and just how good it would be'. Every morning after the night before should start with black coffee in bed, and Squeeze tie this essential morning ritual to memories of love, as we go through into breakfast with Edwin Collins and Orange Juice. Gainsbourg’s Lemon Inscest has the potential to take anyone that indulges into Candy Jail with Silver Jews but we don’t linger too long in this sweet prison. We escape to have crawfish with Elvis, (because who wouldn’t want that?) and a cheeseburger in paradise.

Rolling through into the next night, there is dancing to be done with Ike and Tina Turner, and we learn to do the clam with The Cramps. Iggy Pop brings us something subversive and sexy with Dog Food before we fall into a haze of delicious love songs. We can eat apples in bed like Shylock and Juliet and if J.J. Cale asks, we will, like his Cherry, love him too. Remember always, even though we can’t always eat together, you’re the one for me, Fatty.

So, Bon Apetit. 

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MODEL Tiama Tilbee @ IMG wears VALENTINO dress; CHANEL shoes; PEI YI headpiece; TIFFANY & CO. earrings, necklace and rings.

PHOTOGRAPHY Jesse Lizotte @ Bernstein & Andriulli

FASHION Charlotte Agnew

HAIR Joel Forman @ After Winter Agency

MAKEUP Isabella Schimid @ Assembly Agency using Mecca



STYLIST’S ASSISTANT’S Andrew Mallett and India Stibilj