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Take a tour through Sabina Socol’s mind with Poms x Sabina

“A good pair of sunglasses makes me feel … dramatic,” exhales Sabina Socol, the Romanian-French journalist whose effortless style is the envy of Instagram. POMS takes a trip to Paris to enquire into the mind of Sabina, the girl as famous for her style as she is for her inimitable je ne se quoi. In an overcast Paris, Sabina brightens the screen with her tawny glow, coy expressions, and a glint in her eye as she models The Sabina, her eponymous sunglass design for POMS.

Featuring tortoise-shell, black acetate and white ivory, the glasses trio has an exaggerated cat-eye design, uniquely embellished with semi-precious, stones such as Amethyst, Tiger Eye, and Onyx piercing the lens with their positive properties. Scoll reveals esoteric musings, believing that her tiger eye-embellished POMS glasses “help you see everything as it is.” When not gazing through her crystal lens, she clears her mind by “listening to music” and sharpens her senses with “a good glass of wine.” Spoken like a true French girl, Scolls takes us on a journey through her mind as she unwinds in the backstreets of Paris with her eponymous POMS.