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The seamless sensuality of Nagnata x Woolmark

Nagnata Woolmark film

Dancing, downward-dogging, dashing down the street and everything in-between. That’s what NAGNATA is for - every moment and movement in your life. Known for high-end performance knitwear that takes you from the studio to the street, the brand recently collaborated with the famed Woolmark Company to develop a super-fine Merino-wool performance fabric. The innovative fabric is made with a blend of Australian Merino wool and Tencel, a highly-sustainable natural fibre that makes the garments feel seamless, breathable and extremely soft.

In celebration of this new textile development, the sister designers behind NAGNATA bring us a sublime short film starring model Eva Minaeva to launch the new collection. Set in NYC with the Hudson River flowing in the background, Minaeva makes seamless shapes in her two-tone NAGNATA separates as she fiercely and fluidly moves in the wind. Caught in a dance between coloured sheets, Feel Good by Maribou State and Khruangbin rhythmically undulates in the background as Eva combines dance and yoga for deep, unrestricted movement. The filmic aesthetic echoes the brand’s retro-inspired design, creating a world of sensual, modern movement for today’s active woman who feels good wherever she goes.