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Here’s a sneak peak of the films at Sydney Film Festival 2024

Cinephiles and Letterboxd lovers, we officially have a list of the films and events showing at the 71st Sydney Film Festival. In case you aren't familiar, the Sydney Film Festival is 12-day showcase where Australian theatres show new releases, red-carpets, in-depth discussions and spotlight culturally significant works. Below, we will be breaking down the must-see films, where to watch them, along with all the most important dates and events that will be happening throughout the festival.


When is Sydney Film Festival?

Sydney Film Festival 2024 will run for 12 days. The festival will begin on the 5th June and finish on the 16th June.


Where is Sydney Film Festival happening?

Similar to last year's festival, we can expect the festival to spread through a variety of venues in the CBD and Greater Sydney. Stay tuned to find out the exact locations and cinemas.


How can I get tickets?

Head to the Sydney Film Festival website for all information and links to tickets, with a range of different mutli-passes available. Tickets will go on sale in May.


What films will be screening?

We can expect films that dive into the "profound and the peculiar" according to Sydney Film Festival Director Nashen Moodley.

Two new Australian films having their world premiere feature in the Festival’s first drop. In Vitro, a highly anticipated feature from directors Will Howarth and Tom McKeith and stars Ashley Zukerman from Succession in an Australian sci-fi mystery thriller set on a remote cattle farm in the near future.

Other features include features such as Explanation For Everything, a satire about the culture wars, where other films grip the genre of Thriller about polish politicians, inspired by protests and created by legendary filmmaker Agnieszka Holland called Green Border. 

Featuring an award-winning highlight of the Busan International Film Festival, House of Seasons, a Korean comedy set in a tofu factory in Daegu, Korea. Another international film, The Mountain is directed by Rachel House, from Hunt for the Wilderpeople, and executively produced by Taika Waititi.

With many more film yet to be announced in the coming weeks.



When will the full programme launch?

The full programme will be announced on 8th May. Watch this space for news as soon as it emerges.



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