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What everyone is wearing to SXSW Sydney

sxsw sydney

As Chance the Rapper emphasised in his keynote address at SXSW Sydney, when the festival began in Austin all those decades ago, it was largely an indie event, a reputation it's maintained since. Existing as a stage for emerging and established talent to share alternative, cutting-edge and revolutionary ideas, the festival has always attracted a creative crowd.

One of those ways that creativity manifests is through clothes – how attendees choose to express themselves through fashion. For this reason, just as we did when Sydney Contemporary took place at Carriageworks earlier this year, when SXSW Sydney came around we were excited about the potential of this event for great street style.

So we waited, outside the Chance the Rapper session in particular, and around the International Convention & Exhibition Centre in Darling Harbour – the hub for SXSW Sydney, to keep an eye on what everyone was wearing. Here's some of the best street style we've spotted during our people watching so far...

Want to stay in the loop of all things SXSW Sydney? Here's a roundup of all our festival highlights so far, which includes a conversation between Dylan Alcott and Chloe Hayden, along with a panel featuring Grace Tame that focused on survivor-led solutions.

On Monday, October 16, Drill rappers ONEFOUR premiered their forthcoming documentary, ONEFOUR: Against All Odds and received a standing ovation. The documentary tracks the relentless police presence and intimidation against the group, and how its hindered their ability to make music and perform.

Later in the week, Nicole Kidman unveiled a new project she's working on alongside creative partner Per Saari, and divulged on the dinner party that changed her life. That same day, Chance the Rapper spoke to Poppy Reid on privilege, the meaning of life, and the creative breeding ground that is Chicago in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Hip Hop.

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