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The best things we’ve seen at SXSW Sydney so far

sxsw sydney

After months of planning and anticipation, SXSW Sydney is here. Taking place for a week from October 15 through to October 22, the festival promises cutting edge panels, conversations, screenings, gigs and networking moments across music, gaming, and film. As the inaugural Sydney program progresses, we're bringing you our highlights from the week so far. Find them below.

Creating Inclusive Film & TV with Chloé Hayden and Dylan Alcott


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Another necessary subject, on Monday, October 16, Paralympian, advocate and actor Dylan Alcott AO joined actor and advocate Chloe Hayden on a panel to discuss the ways in which the film industry industry can ensure sets are safe and inclusive for cast and crew alike.

How Survivor-Led Solutions Can Heal Trauma with Grace Tame

Grace Tame was joined by fellow survivors Lula Dembele, Russell Manser, and Harrison James on a panel discussion which contemplated solutions to child sexual abuse. Each figure offered insight stemming from their own horrific experiences, and were unafraid to look the ugliness of the issue in the eye. Speaking on the panel, it's moderator, Louise Edmonds said: "The topic is nothing short of harrowing, and we mentioned to the audience upfront, there would be no censoring. Taking care of our guests, we checked in with them to make sure everyone was okay with the topic and not triggered... Everyone of the speakers who were part of this panel have solutions across finance, education, tech, media, advocacy, campaigning, policy, film, music and more."


ONEFOUR: Against All Odds premiere


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Capping off Monday night, I filed into the premiere of Gabriel Gasparinatos' debut documentary made in tandem with ONEFOUR, the Western Sydney Drill rappers, and left energised and furious. Energised because of the adrenaline-pumping music, the heart, warmth and humour with which the group moves through the world. Incensed, because of the oppressive police presence that has not only censored their music-making but consistently disrupted their family life and freedom of movement. Anyway, the documentary is slated for a global release on Netflix, dropping on October 26.


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