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6 swimwear trends we’ll be observing this summer

Maybe it's just a symptom of living in Australia, but come springtime my cart is loaded with swimsuits. Nearly every year the brief is different, the summer of 2021 was all about shedding layers which meant the skimpiest bikinis were trending, and the one before that called for high impact one pieces made for moving. This time around? To be completely honest I'm torn.

As a midsize girlie, it's a tug-of-war between fun yet impractical togs with no support, or the comfortable yet somewhat pedestrian maillot. Which proves, if anything, that swimsuit shopping is deeply personal and highly subjective. If you too are navigating the annual swimwear hunt, then we're here to lend a helping hand. From tankinis, internet inspired prints and a hunger for the colour chocolate, these are the swimwear trends we'll be observing during the summer of 2022.


From left to right: PRISCAVera, Chopova Lowena, Hakea Swim 

Universally flattering and functional, the tankini is back thanks to our obsession with noughties fashion. Want to swim some laps? Need to fish your frisbee out of a tree? This style is up to the task, and we're loving the offering from PRISCAVera and Hakea Swim, as well as this busy number from Chopova Lowena. The best thing? A tankini doubles as a fun crop top that can handle all the summer margaritas you throw at it. Embrace the tanlines, long live the tankini.


Internet-inspired prints

From left to right: Praying, Ramp Tramp Tramp Stamp, Paloma Wool

What do you get when the terminally online brave the great outdoors? A handful of internet-inspired swimsuits, that's what. Heck, these don't even need to travel to the beach. Wear them as you march through the CBD or sweat your way around a dancefloor. Who cares? Just like the world wide web, you make your own rules.


String bikinis

swimsuit trends

From left to right: Dos Swim, Nu Swim, Gimaguas

Call me old-fashioned, but the string bikini is always a contender for the annual summer swimsuit. And by old-fashioned I mean two seasons late. The promise of a hot girl summer may be long gone, but you can bet I'll be clinging onto her uniform. Let's just hope these flimsy nipple coverings are equally as persistent.



From left to right: Hunza G, Isa Boulder, Form and Fold

Simply eating it is no longer enough, we must slather it all over our bodies. Although this particular shade of cocoa has been trending for some time now, we're still tooting its horn. And it tastes just as sweet.


Cut outs

From left to right: Louisa Ballou, Cult Gaia, Isa Boulder

For the one-piece loyalists, let us offer you a more daring proposition. Why not a try a maillot with cut outs this summer? The daring part is the tanlines you risk developing. Although, who doesn't want an imprint of this Louisa Ballou swimsuit on their body? The answer is not, no. Anyway, just like the tankini, these styles from Cult Gaia and Isa Boulder need not be relegated to the pool. They're practically screaming to go from day to night, whatever that means.


High contrast

From left to right: Gil Rodriguez, Rachel Rutt, Oséree

Kind of like colour blocking with a monochromatic element, high contrast bikinis are turning our heads this summer 2022. It's quite a loose concept really, and some of us have been doing it for years with our own mismatched bathers. But if you're looking for a fresh take on this swimwear trend, we've been eyeing off this signature style from Gil Rodriguez with its adjustable ties, and what would a swimsuit round up be, without a showing from Oséree?

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