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The ‘RUSSH’ editors share what they’re packing for a European Summer

european summer

Are you popping your isolation bubble with a long-awaited trip to Europe? Well, then that makes you the envy of the RUSSH team. Good for you.

For many of us, the Mediterranean is the first destination on our list as we dip our toes back into travel again. And with things heating up in the northern hemisphere, a European summer is in full swing and calling our names. With little else on our minds, the RUSSH editors are sharing what they're packing (à la Joan Didion) to bask in the European sun – even if it is wishful thinking.

One editor plans to keep it simple, condensing three weeks worth of outfits and accoutrement into carry on luggage, in a bid to cut the baggage and be spontaneous. Another is packing everything-but-the-kitchen-sink. From flimsy cottons tops courtesy of Paloma Wool to a pair of sunglasses from Lucy Folk, these are the items that have made the cut.

Bon voyage!

Lucienne Bambridge 

Brand Manager

A black bikini from Sir the Label , a pair of slingbacks for walking shoes, a bag that goes from day to night, and something for an extra bit of European summer glow. My Euro Summer plans consist of return tickets and a plan to make no plans, so travelling with items that double is a must if I want to condense three weeks into a carry on luggage. In times like this, multi-use products like Chanel’s Baume Essentiel and Bronzing Cream are a lifesaver. I’ll be stopping by Love Those Lashes before my trip to ensure maintenance is minimal and visiting Renya at Valonz for a freshen up. Less than two weeks and counting, I’m very ready for a return to Europe vacay.  


Sonia Blair  

Content Producer 

sonia's euro summer list

As you can see from the above image, I don’t pack light and excess baggage fees are the hottest item on my packing list. While my Euro summer isn’t happening until 2023, I’m already mentally packing. When the sun is out, I’m a more-is-more person, and I love a citrus or exaggerated motif sprawled across a dress, so while my favourite Atlantis Midi Dress by Alemais may no longer be available, I currently have my eye on the above by Palm Noosa. I’m never without a minimum SPF 30+, and Ultra Violette’s Supreme Screen is my MVP of suncare, and Illusione by Bottega Veneta an ideal summer scent. Birkenstocks, my Hermes Oran sandals and go-to practical ‘fashun’ kitten heels by Valentino make up the practical footwear rotation, alongside a trusty Chanel evening bag and a larger basket tote for the day. I’ve been coveting the Astral sunglasses from Lucy Folk for sometime now, and perhaps a July spent vicariously in Puglia is the perfect excuse to finally purchase. 


Ella O’Keeffe 

Fashion & Brand Features Editor 

This feels like a torturous exercise to be doing for someone who isn’t hitting the Mediterranean until September, but alas, I've never strayed from a plan. A good everyday bag is key for all of the holiday things you may need along the way, which is why the Chanel 22 is high on the list. For clothing, is there much needed? I love this little tie-up top from Paloma Wool, which can be worn over a barely-there bikini like this one from Oséree. For jewellery, it’s this abstract shell choker from Christopher Esber, and for shoes it’s the Balenciaga Croc Pool Slides for long walks and longer nights. Little else is needed save for a good book. 


Elyssa Kostopoulos 

Content Director 

Am I heading to Europe this year? No. Am I already curating my suitcase for next year? Obviously. I’ll start this off by saying I am not a light packer. And frankly, I don’t pretend to be. Let’s start with the basics. I love a fun bikini, and if I was sitting ocean side on a blue beach chair at Nammos, my swimwear of choice would be this Oséree Lumière embellished metallic triangle bikini with the matching Lumière embellished metallic stretch-knit kaftan to take me into the night. When it comes to footwear, I am normally a stiletto girl, but cobblestones and heels aren’t exactly a match made in heaven. So, I always like to pack a pair of chunkier sandals to give me some height. This season, I keep coming back to these Gucci cotton-terry platform slides, which happen to match perfectly with the European summer outfit of the decade, these unbelievable Missoni sequined metallic crochet-knit wide-leg pants and matching metallic crochet-knit halterneck top 

I’m a sunscreen fiend, so the Ultra Violette Double Threat Duo Bundle is always on hand, and my packing isn’t complete without a summer fragrance, which for me, has always been Twilly D’Hermes Eau de Parfum. My always reliable Casa Catinella Basket Bag and a great pair of shades and I guess that’s half of my carry on sorted? Tune back in next year to see where a whole year of planning gets me. 


Jasmine Pirovic

Digital Writer

A European summer? My heart says yes, even if my bank account has poured cold water on all those dreams. On the slim chance that I did jet to the Mediterranean this year, the duration of the trip would be spent at my family home in Korčula. Meaning my packing list would be heavy on swimsuits; a mix of vintage and this one from Ack Swimwear; minimal on the clothes, save for a couple of teeny skirts like this one from Tank Air and Sherris, halterneck tops and comfy dresses to slip on like this cutie from Gimaguas. There would be a fresh scent to blend with the inevitable summer musk. And these platform Coperni thongs are giving the Euro (trash) energy I strive for. Jewellery is always something special picked up on the island at Irena's Coral Shop. And I can never travel without a book, camera, sketchpad and Conté. 

Besides that, everything else can be borrowed or bought at the local tourist shop. Just don't forget your reef shoes! Next year.

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Image: Instagram