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Our favourite sustainable and ethical jewellery brands


We're all pretty up-to-speed when it comes to finding sustainable clothing brands – but what about sustainable jewellery brands? The ethics of the jewellery industry are dicey territory – what does it mean to have recycled silver? What is the difference between a mined and a lab-grown diamond? Should we be getting our engagement rings second-hand?

Navigating the landscape as someone who wants to prioritise the ethics and sustainability of their purchases – for both people and planet –  can be somewhat of a challenging task. But finding those forever pieces from brands that prioritise quality doesn't have to be rocket science. The reality is that a host of local and global jewellery designers are putting sustainability as their first priority, and below, we're rounding up our favourite sustainable jewellery brands thus far.


1. Sarah & Sebastian


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Price range: $60-$9,000

Ethics: Small-batch, RJC certified, repair program, recycling initiative, donates to ocean conservation.

Sarah & Sebastian have long been pioneers of their craft and sustainable value set. Their ultra-fine, luxury jewellery is entirely made to order in small quantities, meaning there is zero to no waste in the making process. By working with reputable suppliers who uphold the same ethical values as the brand, Sarah & Sebastian work primarily with local suppliers who ensure maximum transparency and compliance with Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) as meeting the ethical, human rights, social and environmental standards as established by the RJC’s Certification System.

Sarah & Sebastian offer a repair program, as well as a recycling program, allowing customers to exchange no-longer-worn pieces for store credit. This year, the brand also announced The Xanthe Project™, a pledge as a company to donate over a million dollars to ocean conservation within the next decade.


2. Natalie Marie Jewellery

Price range: $210-$5,000

Ethics: Publicly available Impact Report, handmade to order (zero waste), recycled packaging, transparent supply chain.

Another respected player in the sustainable fine jewellery field is Natalie Marie. With an offering of bespoke and made to order fine pieces, NMJ works with trusted suppliers to ensure quality and sustainability in every piece and has forged strong relationships with these suppliers to continue supporting like-minded businesses. NMJ offers an extensive range of luxury pieces spanning necklaces, earrings, rings, engagement, bracelets and even personalised pieces.


3. Mejuri


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Price range: $58-$9,000

Ethics: Manufacturing suppliers map, specialised recycling partners, more than 90% recycled gold and silver, exclusive use of Kimberley Process-compliant diamonds.

Mejuri, the accessible fine jewellery brand taking the internet by storm, has strongly implemented practices to ensure as little impact on the planet as possible with an entire production ecosystem—including sourcing, manufacturing, and branding—aiming to mitigate their impact on the environment. Mejuri supports and empowers their partners, and gives back to communities – last month they announced that they would be helping to fund a gemstone polishing scholarship for women in Zambia. You can read more about their sustainability practices via their website.


4. Sofia Maria


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Price range: $580-$6,400

Ethics: Locally sourced materials (AU), on-shore production (AU), recycled materials used where possible, reuse of scrap metals.

Sustainable artisan jeweller Sofia Maria's line of fine jewellery is inspired by organic lines, natural textures and imperfect forms.⁠ All pieces are locally handmade by Maria herself in Sydney, each piece is made from 100% recycled metals whenever possible, and materials are locally sourced and recycled in Australia. The brand embodies the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi and celebrates the imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete.


6. Alighieri


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Price range: $190 - $9,510

Ethics: Local manufacturing (UK), publicly available Carbon Impact report, 100% recycled metals and packaging.

A personal favourite of mine and the ultimate heirloom jewellery brand, UK based Alighieri uses entirely recycled bronze and silver before plating and casting with gold. The result is heavy, sentimental pieces that transcend time and trends. Vibrant, chunky gold chains are adorned with rough, wabi sabi style charms and pearls, promoting simultaneous feelings of decadence and grounding.


7. Pandora


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Price range: $60 - $3,000

Ethics: UNICEF partners, lab-grown diamonds, working toward 100% recycled metals, path to net-zero by 2040, 100% renewable energy.

The world's largest jewellers are making huge strides in the world of sustainability – from the introduction of lab-grown diamonds to their repertoire, to their public commitment to only purchase recycled silver and gold by 2025. Pandora are on a path to halve their greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, and to be a net-zero business by 2040. Since 2020, the company has only sourced renewable energy to run all of its production facilities. They're committed to ensuring their Thai jewellers are treated and paid fairly, and partnered with UNICEF in 2019 to support vulnerable children and provide opportunities for young people.


8. Loomy Jewels

Price range: Prices vary piece-to-piece.

Ethics: Small business, one-off pieces, all resurrected second-hand pieces.

This Instagram-run small business based out of Sydney is dedicated to reselling gorgeous vintage engagement rings. Not only will you find rare gems and one-of-a-kind pieces, but you'll also feel good in knowing that you're giving a gorgeous piece of jewellery a second life.


9. Jess Blak


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Price range: $110 - $2,100

Ethics: Small business, local manufacturing (AU), responsibly sourced materials.

Brisbane-based Jess Blak's jewellery emulates textures found in ruins and shipwrecks, inspired by such artefacts and their ability to recall stories lost and the mystery of times past. Each piece is created with ethicality at the fore – working with local and small business to plate and cast, and ensuring that all gems and metals are recycled, lab-grown, or responsibly sourced in a way that does not cause, support or benefit unlawful conflict, or contribute to serious human rights abuses or breaches of international law.


10. Completedworks


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Price range: $600 - $17,500

Ethics: 100% recycled gold and mostly recycled silver, offset carbon emissions, recycled packaging, responsibly sourced materials.

Handcrafted in London, Completedworks specialises in contemporary jewellery pieces and ceramics formed from responsibly sourced materials. All of the brand's gold jewellery is made from either recycled or Fairtrade gold, while a significant proportion of their silver jewellery is crafted from recycled or reclaimed silver. When it comes to delivering and shipping, the brand offsets all of their carbon emissions through their shipping providers, and uses only recycled, plant-based packaging.




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Price range: $120 - $3,100

Ethics: Uses mostly recycled metals, locally manufactured (US), reuses scrap metals.

NYC jewellers AGMES take a hands-on and considered approach to their production, from sampling to production to shipping. They're rooted in an ethos that less – waste, emissions and consumption – is more. The brand uses recycled metals in almost all of their pieces, and support local NYC businesses in their prototyping, production and packaging. They're also committed to a zero-waste approach, returning scrap metals to their suppliers for reuse.


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