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8 summer recipes that remind us of a European getaway


Summer is well and truly underway and we are absolutely revelling in the magic that is the warmer weather and everything it has to offer. With this in mind, we're looking to brighten up our recipe repertoire for the season ahead. Less comfort food, more food that has been warmed by the sun and makes you glad to be alive, practically tasting the season. Here's to the soul of summer with summer recipes that we love.


Pan Con Tomate

Is there anything better than some good bread, ripe tomatoes and anchovies? Simply put: no. Add olive oil and flaky salt and it's a match made in heaven.



Summer Pasta with Zucchini Ricotta and Basil


Summer time certainly doesn't mean we'll be giving up pasta any time soon, only elevating it with a slightly fresher take. This version is filled with fresh summer zucchini and good quality ricotta for brightness. Look for the best artisanal ricotta; top-quality ingredients make all the difference here.



Ceviche a La Minute


Learning how to make ceviche is a bit of a party trick, especially in summer in the instance you've made friends with people who fish, or simply want to emulate the sentiment. This classic ceviche leans in very few ingredients and comes out perfect every time.



New-and-Improved Greek Salad


A classic, crisp, Mediterranean salad that no one could get bored of. This version is updated with marinated feta and spicy peppers. Need we say more?



Summer Salmon Niçoise


The perfect dinner option for those nights where it's too hot to think about food but you're in the mood for something substantial. As the article suggests, fresh salmon makes it all feel a little more special.



Lemon Risotto with Summer Squash


Comforting, substantial, while still feeing fresh, this risotto is perfect for a large group, especially if you have a couple of friends willing to stand over the stove and stir.


Fig, pomegranate and burrata with Sherry vinaigrette

This salad is the flavour of Mediterranean summer personified. It's 'special' enough that it will surely impress any unexpected guests, but takes no more than 10 minutes to throw together. Simple and delicious – that is European eating after all.


Kofta-Seasoned Ground Beef Pita Sandwich 

After a long day at the beach, all I want to do is to be wrapped up in this pita sandwich. You're bound to have all the ingredients in your fridge and it's one of the easiest ways to jazz up any kind of mince.


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