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Summer fashion trends for this year and how to wear them

I think we can definitively say that 2023 was the 'Year of the Girl'. Our silver screens were dominated by Barbie, and our Tiktok feeds were swirling with accounts of 'girl dinners' and 'girl maths'; our ears were inundated with Taylor Swift's Eras and Beyonce's Renaissance tours, and our fashion choices really followed suit – hot pink Barbie-core looks were inescapable, and Miu Miu and Sandy Liang's 'coquette' looks were in high demand.

On the flip side, we also saw a reclamation of traditionally masculine pieces – football jerseys, knee-grazing jorts and gorp-core fashions being donned en masse. Particularly popular seems to be the interlacing of these two extremes; a melting pot of masculine and feminine silhouettes to create more fluid and juxtaposing ensembles.

We're forecasting that we'll continue to see a lot of these trends as we enter the summer months – particularly given that they are all warm-weather appropriate and easy to embrace. No need to find a designer version if that's not your style – most of these trends can be hopped onto simply by visiting your nearest op shop. But in case you did want to find a couple of must-have on-trend pieces for the upcoming season, we've got you covered below.


Football jerseys

From left to right: adidas, Balenciaga, adidas x Wales Bonner, vintage Inter Milan jersey.


The class football jersey has come a long way since being relegated to the sidelines of a pitch. Perhaps influenced by our recent hosting of the FIFA Women's World Cup on our shores, Australians have been flocking to their nearest sports stores to grab themselves an oversized jersey for their next pub crawl. They're breezy, sweat-ready and perfect for the summer heat. The Brits have long pioneered this look, but we're loving being able to pair them with frilly skirts, minis and boots this summer. We're loving the Japanese Women's Team Away Jersey, or this adidas x Wales Bonner Football Shirt. For something a little more luxe, we're leaning toward this Balenciaga Soccer Logo-Print T-Shirt. But honestly, our biggest recommendation would be to hit your local op shop for a second-hand jersey from a local team – or browse sites like for an old-school find, like this one from 90s Inter Milan.



From left to right: OORI OTT, J.KIM, Marland Backus, Simone Rocha.


Is there anything bigger than bows this season? Literally and figuratively, we've been hit with an influx of giant bow-adorned garments and accessories in time for summer. For something functional and a little fun, we're loving the Iris Tank from Korean brand OORI OTT, or these incredibly sweet White Bow Ribbon Drip Earrings from Simone Rocha. Add a little whimsy to your look with this Marland Backus Silver Bow Necklace, or take a bit more of a risk with this J.KIM Black Cutout Midi Dress.


Mary Jane shoes

From left to right: Shushu/Tong, Hereu, Prada, Nicole Saldana.


Moving on from the loafer and the ballet flat – we reintroduce to you the classic Mary Jane. You may remember her from your school days, but she's back, sleeker and cooler than ever. Shushu/Tong's Black Ankle Strap Brogues are a sweet and feminine take on the 'Balletcore' trend, while Hereu's Alber Sport Loafer is a more sophisticated, preppy version. Nicole Saldana's Lace-Tie Fabiana Shoe is a riff on the style that we're obsessed with, as are these Prada Black Brushed Leather Mary Janes.


Trek shoes

From left to right: Simone Rocha, Salomon, New Balance, Karhu.


On the other end of the spectrum we have the trek shoe – think of it like the 4WD of footwear. They're perfect for just about every activity – from a mountain trail to a coffee pit-stop. Brands like Salomon have been ticking over with bow-clad capsule releases with brands like Sandy Liang,

We're coveting these Simone Rocha Black Criss-Cross Trek Ballerina Shoes, or the classic Salomon XT-6 Mindful - Unisex. Karhu's Fusion 2.0 Sneakers in Dark Forest/Stormy Weather offers a gorgeous and unique colourway, but also a pair of classic white New Balance Beige 610Xv1 Sneakers.


Bermuda shorts / jorts

From left to right: FRAME, Jil Sander, COS, bassike.


There's something humbling about returning to the knee-grazing shorts of our youth – a return to girlhood in a way that isn't exactly considered feminine. No longer are we looking to hoist into place our tiny denim shorts, instead we're opting for something a little more functional and comfortable. The long, breathable nature of these shorts and jorts means that we can still feel easy breezy in summertime, without needing to show the same amount of skin. This season we're turning to the FRAME High-Waisted Denim Shorts, and the Jil Sander Knee-Length A-line Shorts for some day-time options. COS's Tailored Linen-Blend Bermuda Shorts and bassike Pleat Bermuda Short give us some more formal and corporate-appropriate attire.



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Image: @maryam_nassir_zadeh