Suiting, skincare and Splendour in the Grass: the RUSSH roundtable returns

The week in review. From ten pin bowling to our Splendour in the Grass sartorial inspirations, school night dinners and the album to listen to from start to finish (no skipping) - this is all the RUSSH team has been obsessing over.

Victoria Pearson

Arts Editor

My birthday was on Tuesday, so to celebrate/commiserate the fact that I am an inch away from my 30s I forced my friends into a casual (read: highly competitive) evening of ten pin bowling – a beautiful reminder that in the right circumstances we are all able to revert to those disruptive, energetic children we used to be. I was also treated to dinner at Sixpenny, Stanmore, for what was hands down one of the best dining experiences I’ve ever had. Realistically, you’re not going to duck in for a post-work feed very week, but for special occasions it’s as good as it gets.

Nearly all of my makeup woes have been solved with the edition of this Maarks lipstick in the shade Rust, best described as ‘a way better version of my normal lip colour’, and I am desperately coveting a made-to-measure suit by E Nolan.

Megan Nolan

Brand & Creative Service Co-ordinator

With Splendour in the Grass coming up next week I’ve been attempting to reinvent my existing wardrobe (while also spending as little as possible). A visit to my favourite Sydney and Melbourne vintage haunts is always on the cards, and I will never feel guilty for splurging on a Lack of Color wide brim for those Meg Mac vibes.

@endlesslyloveclub is where I’ve been heading for all of my styling inspiration. Her name is Jen Ceballos, she has the most beautiful skin and that effortlessly cool look I always aspire to have.

For anyone who hasn’t heard of Milan Ring I would definitely recommend giving her a listen - think soulful RnB with an electro twist. I caught her at a free gig in Sydney last weekend and she is completely mesmerising live.

Ellen Presbury

Market & Beauty Editor

I suddenly have an endless number of saved photos of lamps, and only have Carmen d’Apollonio and Kassandra Thatcher to blame. Finding a way to make money from my late-night Net-A-Porter purchases by renting them out has done wonders for my bank account (it has also put an end to that same black dress on high rotation). Listed on both Barack Obama and The New York Times’s best book lists of 2017, I have been trying to get everyone to read The Power so that I could have someone else to discuss it with. Though the blurb is wildly off-putting (I almost think on purpose), this book dares you to judge and dismiss it, but ends up being far more nuanced and intelligent because of it. To whoever can bring the discussion, I will bring the wine.

Georgia Sager

Digital Strategy & Development Manager

This week I’m loving my ceramic diffuser. I use it in the office with essential oils (currently rose geranium) for a calming vibe. It is a beautiful piece as well as a great size.

Carmel suggested I try this recipe consisting of zucchini, garlic, butter and pasta for a simple school night dinner - it was delicious. Just let the first three ingredients simmer for 10 minutes while your pasta cooks, then drain the pasta and stir all ingredients together. Luckily this one isn't hard to mess up, and if you love parmesan, add a little.

Who isn't a fan of having shiny hair? Most shine will come from what you feed your body, but if you want to add a little extra, try this. It's super lightweight and smells amazing.

Gabby Hidalgo

Senior Designer

Where have the days gone of listening to an entire album from start to finish? No skipping. With each lap you’ll notice another line you missed or perhaps a deeper meaning, until eventually the tracks are no longer singular, they can be appreciated as part of a body. From now on, I vow to listen to full albums only - Rosalia’s El Mal Querer is on rotation for me this week.

I’ve only just readjusted my skincare regime for the winter months. Better late than never? Charlotte Tilbury’s literal Magic Cream is here for me, along with Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint lip balm. Since legitimate beach hair is off the table for now, I’ve been dusting Aveda’s Dry Shampoo powder in my roots and whirling my hair in a scrunchie overnight. Just as good.

Kim Garcia-Mills

Partnerships Director

I’ve never been much of an adventurous girl, but I’m always up for a challenge. So when my husband suggested we swim with sharks I said why not. The guys at Island View Hawaii, Kamu and Kaiwi, made us feel so unbelievably calm during this whole experience - if you’re ever in Hawaii this is a must do.

I can’t get enough of true crime podcasts at the moment. Crime Junkie is a very popular American podcast looking at everything from missing persons and unsolved murders to some of the country’s most prolific serial killers. It’s spine-tingling stuff, but so interesting.

I’ve always been partial to a good bottle of tequila. Walking through duty-free I stumbled across the 1800 Reposado Tequila. I'd never tried it before but the bottle was so beautiful I had to buy it, and I have to say, it was worth every penny.

From top: Sixpenny, Stanmore; @enolanmelbourne; MAARKS lipstick in Rust; @endlesslyloveclub; @megmacmusic; LACK OF COLOR hat; @milan.ring; Naomi Alderman, The Power; @carmendapollonio; @kassandraaaa; Matrix Biolange Sugarshine Illuminating Mist; PHOTOGRAPHY Georgia Sager; Rosalia, El Mal Querer; AVEDA Shampure Dry Shampoo; DR. BRONNER'S Peppermint lip balm; CHARLOTTE TILBURY Magic Cream; SOPHIE BUHAI scrunchie; Island View Hawaii; Crime Junkie; 1800 Reposado Tequila.