The best serums, exhibitions and camping spots, according to team RUSSH

We came, we saw, now we're ready to share. This week's obsessions include erotic pottery, self-motivated vacuums and the perfect incense burner. Recommended with love from us to you.

Gabriela Hidalgo

Senior Designer

There is something about the early days of July (hello, new financial year) that inspires me to re-visit the resolutions I so optimistically set for myself at the start of the 2019. A ‘reset’ if you will.

I’m loving the @thefinancialdiet Instagram account for inspiration or a well needed reality check when I need it the most. At-home facials can be just as good via YouTube tutorials, even better with a friend + wine.  For my space, I’m Marie Kondo-ing like I never have before and in the spirit of minimalism, am reading The School of Life’s  Small Pleasures to remember the little treasures in life (a favourite old jumper, old photos of one’s parents, figs, self-pity, kissing, a book that understands you).

Ellen Presbury

Market & Beauty Editor

My all-time favourite David Sedaris article for anyone who hasn’t read. There is something I find endlessly calming about watching people cook so I’ve been hooked on Recipe Arce lately. This ceramic ‘Fuck Pot’ has been on my mind and in my saved Instagram folder for the last four years so I really should just buy it. Also, if anyone is in the mood for gifting me expensive jewellery – feel free.

Andréa Tchacos

Features Director

Michael Armitage’s artworks look like heat maps, or a psychedelic experience, or both at once. Hyper-coloured meditations to my eyes, the Kenyan artist's paintings traverse the cultural, social and political landscapes of his native East Africa. You'll need to see them in person (at Sydney's MCA, if you're around, until September 22) to experience them fully; their lush texture is partially down to being painted on Lubugo bark cloth – a culturally-significant material of Uganda's Buganda people.

So that's what my eyes have been up to this week. As to my ears, I'm in danger of overplaying Tyler, The Creator's new-ish album. I Think is the track I keep putting on. A quick office survey's confirmed Junior Fashion Editor Natalie has been doing the same.

Georgia Sager

Digital Strategy & Development Manager

After much research and deliberation, I recently purchased a robotic vacuum. It’s been life changing - for the better. I schedule it to clean while I’m getting ready for work or making dinner in the evening and it leaves my apartment floors wonderfully clean. 

With the drop in temperature and rain, this serum is one that I can rely on to keep my skin glowing, soft and plump when I wake up in the morning. This one really works.

Victoria Pearson

Arts Editor

I don’t know if it’s a side effect of ageing, or the industry is just sexier than it used to be, but I’m harbouring an unhealthy obsession with luggage. Specifically, my new Away carry-on suitcase with built-in charging dock and multiple compartments. COMPARTMENTS. (Compartments are my love language.)

At the recommendation of Ellen I also made this Tiramisu recipe on the weekend, and it was delicious. I won’t say it’s better than the 10 William signature, but I also won’t say it isn’t … best attacked when you have nowhere to be for a few hours – it’s tedious to make yet highly rewarding.

Megan Nolan

Brand & Creative Services Co-ordinator

I went camping at Treachery Beach near Seal Rocks last weekend and it was so incredibly beautiful (even in the middle of winter). If you're not into camping they also have cabins and lodges which make escaping for the weekend super easy. Fair warning there is no cell reception (which I kinda loved) so you will 100 per cent be forced to shut off from the world.

I'm usually not a podcast kinda gal but my colleague Gabby got me onto Esther Perel's Where Should We Begin? and I can't get enough of it. Perel is a relationship therapist and each episode is a session with a couple talking through infidelity, sexlessness, trust issues and the intimate workings of their relationships.

My favourite Instagram this week is model Clare Gillies. She doesn't take herself too seriously and has the most epic dance moves I've ever seen.

I'm super late to the game but bucket hats are my new favourite accessory and this one from ASOS is only $12 which means I didn't even have to feel guilty for splurging on Splendour accessories this year.

Natalie Petrevski

Junior Fashion Editor

I don’t know why, when or how this started but I need a travertine table in my life. This fixation stems from my daily dose of the en gold Instagram page and its gorgeous selection of vintage dining, coffee and side travertine tables. No idea where I will have room for one of these statement pieces, but I do know they should all be mine.

I recently purchased 120 sticks of Bodha’s calm and purify incense for some sort of spiritual cleansing you could say, however I did not have a holder to put them in. I then discovered Subtle Bodies collection of magic brass incense holders – I almost went home with all three.

Carmel Norton

Partnerships Manager

I’m currently listening to L.A. Times’s The Man in the Window, an investigation into the infamous Golden State Killer. It is absolutely gripping and every ep I’m shocked, so as a crime podcast they are reporting it right.

I’m learning plenty with Giulia Enders, Gut: the Inside Story of Our Body's Most Underrated Organ. An easy, informative read for what I didn’t know enough about and is so important in everybody’s every day.

My winter obsession for cooking is a go-to self-saucing sticky date pudding and of course ice cream from the simplest of

Billie Iveson

Acting Editor

I just finished David Sedaris’s latest book Calypso. His distinct voice and observations of people make me laugh out loud every time.

I've been in Paris for Couture Fashion Week and took some friends, who hadn’t been, to Bar Hemingway in the Ritz. Yes it’s ridiculously priced, yes you get the famous diffident Parisian service but the martinis are renowned for a reason. A cure for jet lag like no other.

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