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Postcards from tour with singer-songwriter Milan Ring

Endless flights, road trips, hotel rooms and packed theatres. Singer-songwriter Milan Ring shares her favourite behind the scenes moments from life on the road, supporting Winston Surfshirt on their national tour.

"Many flights taken, including a cancelled flight to Perth and a missed show."

"Buying some desi jewelry in Melbourne for the Forum show, and planning my dream tailored Sari."

"Pre-gig rituals."

"Very Good Falafel in Brunswick actually lived up to its name!"

"Pre-game warm ups, captured by Sarah-Nicole Clenci. A huge thanks to Sarah for helping style Liz and I for the Melbourne show."

"When life imitates art. Thought I stepped into a dream walking into The Forum for the first time, it is the most stunning venue, these sculptures line the edges of the space."

"Singing underneath the star filled sky *stars emoji*, photographed by Sarah-Nicole Clenci."

"Post-gig rituals *dance emoji* - Pookie and Sarah-Nicole."

"The post-show glow and grateful feeling of jumping onto a squishy hotel bed. Adelaide was fun."

"The bone and Winstoonnnn. Such a fun tour, they killed every set."

"Abducting cute babies at the airport by enticing them to ride the gear trolley."

"Liz is serious about her sushi."

"Bass player feels :'( Julio and Liz."

"Road trippin' to the Gong! Looking not so impressed about being the [designated] driver here whilst Harri and Liz enjoy themselves haha."

"The new Spice Girls - Pookie, Liz, Kyah, Lay, and you can call me Cinnamon Spice."

"Probably watching cartoons side of stage."

"The Cambridge Hotel! Loved performing there again, not sure where these skins end up though."

"Me and two out of three of the beautiful Clenci sisters - Liz & Sarah-Nicole."