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Be a morning person with these breakfast recipes


You're either a breakfast person or you're not, that's just the way things seem to be. Up until we went into lockdown, I was a 'slice of toast at best' kind of girl, but have since become more committed to starting the day 'right' while working from home. For the record, my version of starting the day right consists of consuming whatever makes you feel best in your soul - which is why I'll always opt for a croissant over a chia pudding any day - but understand if it means wolfing down something more nutritionally dense for you, whatever floats your boat. Whether you're committed to croissants or prefer to kick things off with your daily dose, we've rounded up 5 breakfast recipes to get you going (or send you back to bed, depending on the day).


Caramelised Plantain Parfait


In the sage words of Donkey, "Everybody loves parfait!". This sentiment couldn't ring more true when it comes to Rick Martinez's Plantain Parfait, where mangoes and pan-fried plantain sit alongside tangy yoghurt and crunchy, toasted nuts. If you can't find plantain, a banana will work on a whim, yielding slightly softer results.


Dashi Oats with Crunchy Veg


For those unfamiliar with savoury oats, let this be your introduction. Most would associate oatmeal with maple syrup and melty butter, but oats themselves are wildly versatile and can pair with just about anything if you will them to. Think of savoury oats like breakfast risotto, and the world is your oyster.


Breakfast Carbonara

It was once said that carbonara is essentially a pasta version of a bacon, egg and cheese and honestly, nothing has ever rung truer. For murky mornings where crawling back into bed or passing out on the patio is are the only options, turn to breakfast carbonara.


Carrot Spice Porridge


Carrot cake in a bowl sans cream cheese icing? Sounds like a mighty fine way to get things into gear.


Coconut Rice Pudding

Creamy, hearty, and blood sugar balancing, this spiced vegan rice pudding is as comforting as recipes come, and it's nutritionist-approved, too!

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