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Spookyland steps back into the spotlight with new single ‘Moonlight’

Spookyland Moonlight

Birthed from insomnia and voyeurism, Marcus Gordon of Spookyland returns with a romantic and driving dive into the soul of the night and of the Ocean. As polarising as day and night itself, Gordon has received kindness and contempt for what Pitchfork called his ‘adenoidal and snarling’ vocals. Moonlight heralds Spookyland's first footsteps back onto the scene since his critically acclaimed debut Beauty Already Beautiful.

Spookyland does not shy away from the heavier influences in life that are reflected in the depths of his lyricism, citing Jungian Depth Psychology and German romanticism as pillars of his work. The lyrics gently slip in and out of conscious and subconscious subject matter, as smoothly as a camera lens.

Marcus Gordon is able to bring his dreamlike visions to life by enlisting the talents of his brother Lou James and his favourite local band, The Tambourine girls. With their help this new sound has developed beyond the guitar heavy do or die sound of previous records and into a more celestial and nuanced tone.

This 80's inspired ode to the more compelling hours came through the vision of a girl swimming alone in a motel pool in the dark, Gordon tells us that:

"Moonlight had its beginnings in a season of insomnia. The hook had been circling around my head one sleepless night and I spent the following day trying to make sense of it. The story is a simple account of voyeurism. I am watching a solitary girl swim in a motel pool at midnight. Everything is animistic; the moon has a soul, the underwater lights have a soul.. and especially the ripples... this is her community, these are her lovers, they are all attending to her in this private and serene moment and I, of course, am secretly watching."

And we, in turn, will be watching him.

Watch the music video for Moonlight by Spookyland below.


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