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Can’t stop listening to ‘Murder on the Dancefloor’? Here’s 8 more tracks to dance around the house to naked

songs like murder on the dancefloor

There's not a lot about Saltburn that's particularly relatable, unless of course you're this person or this person. However, the exception would be during the final scene of Emerald Fennell's poisonous psychological thriller. It's not that I know what it feels like to inherit an English manor (through criminal means or otherwise), but if I did, you can bet the first thing on my to-do list would be to strip off and shake my bare ass à la Barry Keoghan. But if it can't be the titular castle, I'll settle for my studio apartment – especially when the perfect soundtrack has been served to us on a silver platter.

Yes, I'm talking about Murder on the Dancefloor, Sophie Ellis-Bextor's 2001 hit that's currently enjoying a second wind off the back of Saltburn's release. I used to have it on a So Fresh CD and even back then its campy humour and disco-inspired sound seemed built for dancing in your skin suit.

Mere weeks after the film's cinematic release, Murder On The Dancefloor was propelled back into the UK top 10, becoming Ellis-Bextor's first top-10 single since 2007, and just recently the British artist made her Billboard Hot 100 debut. Speaking to the music publication she said, "My relationship with the song is great, I perform it all the time – it’s been the song that people associate the most with me. But to have it having this little wild adventure on the charts is actually bonkers."

Head to YouTube and you'll find comments under the music video that read "Anyone else playing on repeat since Saltburn?" and "Makes you wanna dance in your birthday suit in your brand new mansion, doesn't it?" But if, like the RUSSH team, you're one replay from giving yourself tinnitus, here's 8 more songs like Murder on the Dancefloor to listen to before you come back from more.

Murder on the Dancefloor, Royel Otis (Like A Version)

Australian duo Royel Otis performed a timely cover of Murder on the Dancefloor for triple j's Like A Version. It's addictive, with the band's indie rock lilt doubling the pang of nostalgia. We're completely and utterly hooked.


Love At First Sight, Kylie Minogue

Released the same year as Murder on the Dancefloor, Kylie Minogue's nu disco bop is the perfect way to keep the party going. Chase it with Spinning Around, Can't Get You Out of My Head, and more fittingly, Better the Devil You Know.


Rock DJ, Robbie Williams

Hands up if you watched the Robbie Williams documentary? As expected many of us are revisiting the back catalogues of everyone's favourite 2000s bad boy. Rock DJ is a classic, and the music video (which terrified me as a child) is a kindred spirit with Barry Keoghan's dancing – although he stopped tearing when he got to his nuddy pants.


You Give Me Something, Jamiroquai

It would be a crime to skip past Jamiroquai for this list, especially since this song dropped the same year as Sophie Ellis-Bextor's and on an album entitled A Funk Odyssey no less. Enjoy the ride.


Music Sounds Better With You, Stardust

What did Thomas Bangalter put in this song? On hiatus from making music under Daft Punk, the French musician crafted one of the best dance tunes of the 90s and single-handedly launched a wave of disco-laced pop. Find me a person who keep their ass glued to the a chair while this track comes on. All I know is you'll be searching a long time.


It Feels So Good, Sonique

Raised on classic soul and disco, British DJ Sonique blessed us with this feel-good club classic. While sonically, it's a drifts away from the sound of Murder on the Dancefloor, it's a shot of adrenaline. Turn it up and bliss out.


Sing It Back, Moloko

We couldn't go past Sophie Ellis-Bextor collaborator, Irish musician Róisín Murphy and founding member of the now disbanded Moloko. This track will blast you back to the late 90s and new millennium.


Lady, Modjo

Parisian music duo Modjo deserves a spot on this list, with their hit Lady. It's a shame it was their only success, I want more!

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