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Everything we know about Solange’s interiors projects

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Solange Knowles is always, always, in tune with future aesthetics. She pre-empted (started?) the trend towards muted pastels in 2017 with her A Seat At The Table album visuals. Then ensured we would want to wear nothing but vintage Thierry Mugler, Dion Lee cut-outs and Swarovski crystals with the arrival of When I Get Home.

In a time when it doesn't really matter what we're wearing - as long as there's a face mask involved - but our obsession with interiors is at an all time high, Solange is, of course, creating pieces for the home.

She's been debuting her designs via her Instagram account @cancersznisforever. The results are everything we want in our immediate vicinity.

Solange interiors resin sculptures

There's this taste of the much anticipated IKEA interiors collab with Saint Heron, the multidisciplinary creative group Solange founded. And there's the collection of resin sculptures she's been creating by hand, according to Instagram. Featuring WIP shots that are works of art in themselves.

Solange has also been teasing a pottery collaboration between Saint Heron and Tactile Matter. Think mugs that evoke joy, best found in the little things right now. And larger vessels in neutral shades.

Solange Saint Heron interiors pottery

We think we know what you're wondering, and we're asking the same. How and when can introduce Solange's designs and collaborations to our own interiors?

Well - the IKEA x Saint Heron collaboration, announced in July 2019, is slated for 2021. According to Armina Mussa, Co-Art Director of Saint Heron, we can expect "design objects with multifunctional uses."

"In this collaboration with IKEA," she explained. "We hope to empower imagination, and deepen the thought behind usability."

As for Saint Heron x Tactile Matter pottery, and Solange's resin designs - all we can say for now is watch this space.

And in the meantime, peruse the furniture and homewares we've been adding to cart lately. And Instagram accounts to follow for interiors inspiration.


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