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Ensemble Apex are making classical music street in new film project ‘Shostakovich Made Me Hardcore’

Ensemble Apex

Ensemble Apex are a unique outfit; a Sydney orchestra who put a new spin on classical music.

And this month Ensemble Apex are launching a short classical performance film called Shostakovich Made Me Hardcore.

In this daring production, 30 young musicians take over Judith Neilson’s Dangrove art facility to bring a classical score by Lewis Mosley to life. All of the featured musicians in this film are members of the Ensemble Apex orchestra; and these musicians were led by artistic director and conductor Sam Weller.

The group brings young people into the fold of classical music. Ultimately Shostakovich Made Me Hardcore is about breaking down cost and cultural barriers, giving audiences access to high-quality, edgy orchestral performances.

A brainchild of Entropico - Sydney production company known for music videos, documentary, commercial and narrative short films.

Erin Moy and Gabriel Gasparinatos of Entropico said in a creative statement:  "with Shostakovich Made Me Hardcore, we wanted to create an Ensemble Apex orchestral performance, art tour and architectural exploration in one go – and spin it with streetwear, club lighting and a contemporary classical score.

"It takes influence from a variety of inspirations – young and old.

"Classical compositions by Shostakovich and Strauss. Eighties film scores. Mark Leckey’s 1999 documentation of young people and the music they love in Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore. Slow and smooth architectural film studies. And the frenetic pacing of club lighting."

Shostakovich Made Me Hardcore is a preview to a new digital season that Ensemble Apex will launch August 8. It's a response to the COVID-19 related cancellations of the group's 2020 shows. But now after months in isolation and lockdown, Ensemble Apex returns bringing us new Australian music alongside some classics in the outfit's first ever totally digital season.

After the launch of Shostakovich Made Me Hardcore, Ensemble Apex will be bringing us new shows each week from Thursday August 13. You can see them on the official Facebook page.

Shostakovich Made Me Hardcore from ENTROPICO on Vimeo.


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