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From one icon to another, Sofia Coppola directs ‘The Chanel Iconic’

Chanel 11.12

Lost In Translation, The Virgin Suicides and of course, Marie Antoinette, its hard to pinpoint a director more aligned with the commentary in pop culture than that of the films created by Sofia Coppola. It comes to no surprise then that one icon was asked to lens another with the launch of Sofia Coppola's exclusive campaign film in celebration of Chanel's 11.12 handbag with the film, The Chanel Iconic.



The campaign film opens by captivating us in true Coppola fashion with an offbeat/upbeat soundtrack and an intimate capture of the Chanel woman getting dressed. Elegant, chic and modern, Coppola captures the woman around town, the 11.12 bag effortlessly gracing the shoulders of Carole Bouquet, Anna Mouglalis, Zoé Adjani, Louisede Chevigny and Iman Perez. Polished and vogue, the women storm around the Parisian neighbourhoods of  Saint-Germain-des-Prés and the Pont-Neuf, gracing us with the aspirational, the empowered and the fun.


Chanel 11.12 1


Director Sofia Coppola says, “That bag is a star, it’s such a symbol of womanhood-and makes you feel a certain way. Your first Chanel bag is an unforgettable moment, it’s a rite of passage. I wanted to focus on the bag, how it’s made, and how it makes you feel - how you notice women passing by in Paris who seem to be going somewhere and have a life... and some mystery.”

The film is a high fashion soiree, with the cast impeccably styled in Chanel tweed suits, double cuffed in Chanel's high jewellery and the overall mood and excitement reminiscent of the joyous party at sunrise scene in Marie Antoinette.


Chanel 11.12 2


"We’re several actresses in this campaign, from different generations, and it’s this handover that’s so interesting and that reveals how each of us have our own style, our own universe, and how we find ourselves in this bag... The bag becomes part of an experience, it's an accessory for life. Sofia Coppola has brought out the personality of each of us through this bag. It slots into multiple realities," Zoé Adjani states.

The 11.12 bag is available throughout all Chanel stores and The Chanel Iconic campaign film will be available on all official Chanel platforms from April 7th.


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