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Order up: the Lansdowne Hotel launches Mary’s Pizzeria

The Lansdowne Hotel is keeping us on our toes with the opening of Mary’s Pizzeria, a Jake Smyth and Kenny Graham take on the neighbourhood trattoria, serving up slices well into the night. Owners Smyth and Graham have curated a full-on new pizza menu that offers delights such as 'The Eggplant Emoji' and 'Hot Hot Heat', alongside a rotation of snacks and pastas including fresh noodles, hot wings, and pizza pockets for a dose of school canteen nostalgia. Keeping in theme with their co-owned infamous Mary’s Burgers, this is tongue-in-cheek cuisine strikes the perfect balance of fast food and fancy Italian. Think precisely mixed dough that carefully ferments for up to 72 hours, a two-day tomato sauce top with ‘shit mozzarella’ (it's good, we promise), all knocked back with a glass of natural wine or house beer. In Mary's Pizzeria, we trust.