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At home with model Rosie Tupper and musician Sam Margin

Because home is wherever I’m with you. Model Rosie Tupper and musician Sam Margin are true embodiments of 'home is where the heart is', creating a tranquil life for themselves and their new daughter Moa in Sydney’s Rose Bay. “From growing up in Perth I’m used to living near the ocean,” says Tupper. “Rose Bay has both the harbour and the beach just down the road. Also being able to take our daughter Mo for walks along the coast is amazing.” After a chance meeting in New York a few years ago (Tupper was living working there at the time, Margin was on tour in the US with his band The Rubens) the pair tied the knot in an intimate farm wedding in Margin’s hometown of Camden, NSW. “We were determined to keep it simple and stress free. I guess we were inspired by seeing other people go through hell planning weddings and that seemed to miss the whole point of it,” reflects Tupper. “We enlisted the help of our families and friends and ended up having a beautiful day.”

“I travel a lot for work, and one thing that it makes me realise is how lucky I am to live in Sydney. The weather is probably my favourite thing.” – Sam Margin

“I totally get the importance of social media, especially in my industry, but I think I’m pretty good and not being glued to my phone.” – Rosie Tupper

Perhaps a by-product of both working in such frenetic industries, when Margin and Tupper are at home each evening creating a sanctuary for their family is paramount. “I always have a scented candle on the bedside table that I’ll light when we get into bed. I love to have a bunch of Eucalyptus leaves in our room too. I’ve been using Sheridan linen sheets and doona cover lately and I love them,” says Tupper. For Margin, there’s nothing better than cooking for Tupper and Mo at the end of the day. “[To unwind from the day I] have a wine, and cook some dinner …  Cooking is the best form of relaxation for me,” he says. “I go through phases trying different cuisines but right now I’d say my favourite dish would be ricotta dumplings with a sage and butter sauce.”

Self-care is an important part of the evening for the pair. “I love to have a bath before bed. I’ll always cleanse, tone and moisturise my skin too. I’ll also use a scrub and face mask once a week,” says Tupper. “Since having Mo I’ve been getting into bed much earlier than I used to, like 9pm. I’ll feed her for a while and listen to a podcast with Sam.” Their favourite luxury is the bed that takes pride of place in their room: “I love our bed. We weren’t sure if getting a king was over the top, but I don’t care. It’s so nice,” says Margin. As for what lies ahead, the pair is looking forward to summer, “We can’t wait to take Mo to the beach for the first time,” says Tupper, and Margin agrees: “I can’t wait for it to get warm again [and] bringing my family on our upcoming tour.”