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‘Slave Play’ lands a new HBO Documentary inspired by the Broadway Show

Not a movie. A Play. That's what the new doco-film on award-winning production, Slave Play is being billed as. When actor and playwright Jeremy O. Harris had introduced his work to Broadway in 2019, it created a succès de scandale, as well as a cause of certain concern: O. Harris, said to be the youngest Black male playwright to enter the Broadway scene, had started a rift in the theatric arts with his body of work. The smoke and mirrors had receded. With one play, the underbelly of racism and discriminatory bias that permeates much of performing spaces were called into question. The production went on to reserve performances solely for black audiences in 'Black Out' nights, drawing critiques of divisiveness and provocation.

Slave Play. Not a movie. A Play seems to be O. Harris' conduit of response to the discourse. Below, we round up everything to know about the documentary announcement.


What is Slave Play? 

Slave Play is a production billed and written by Jeremy O. Harris. It has landed 12 Tony Nominations. The nature of the play contends with the human dynamics that play on and subvert racial stereotypes and power inequalities within interracial couplings.

What will the documentary be about?

The documentary will feature a look behind the scenes at rehearsals, castings, moments of conflict and genuine audience reactions. It will chronicle the polarising responses that erupted from the production's success, both in support and in rejection of the play.


Who is involved in the production?

HBO Documentary Films presents Slave Play. Not a Movie. A Play, directed by Jeremy O. Harris; produced by Chris Moukarbel and Natalia Leigh-Brown; edited by Peter Ohs and Teki Cruickshank; composer, Isabella Summers; cinematographer, Matt Klammer; sound design & mix by Jeremy Grody; co-producer, Jamie McBriety. For HBO, executive producers are Nancy Abraham, Lisa Heller, and Tina Nguyen.


When can I access the documentary?

The film premieres on HBO on Thursday, June 20 and will stream on HBO exclusively.


Where can I access the trailer?

You can watch the trailer here below.



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