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Welcome in the night with Sisley Izia La Nuit, your new evening fragrance

You make not think of luxury beauty brand Sisley as a perfumer. But, fragrance is something at the core of the brand. An independent and family-owned business to this day, Sisley has been creating timeless scents for more than forty years.

The latest jewel in its fragrance crown is one that comes with a mystic tale that begins in garden within the French countryside. Isabelle d’Ornano co-creator of Sisley was uniquely captivated by a mysterious rose that grew in her garden. The strange flower was a secretive one, for it bloomed scarcely and fleetingly just once a year. But the wait was worth it. The magnificent bloom would slowly peel open in the most artful display of crimson red.


It was this shy and magical flower that serves at the inspiration for the iconic fragrance from Sisley - Izia. It's a sunny and feminine scent built around the distinctiveness of bouquet of these roses, recreated by perfumer Amandine Clerc-Marie. But now the original rare bloom serves as the foundation for a new fragrance as mystic as the flower from whence it came - Izia La Nuit.



A powerful olfactory experience, Izia La Nuit is an ode to the night. Sensual and emotional, it's a creation that layers floral, woody and chypre notes. It's deep and nocturnal with wood, vanilla and leather but still intensely floral. But it's artistry is that in each moment we find something new; blackcurrant, cardamom, freesia, patchouli.

It's a scent that smells like a black, velvet evening gown would feel. One that conjures visions of sultry evenings somewhere in an European Summer. A smell that reminds us of the intensity and excitement of a first love. It's your new signature scent.



Introducing Izia La Nuit is a short film starring Sonia Vasena, niece of the fragrance's original driving force Isabelle d’Ornano. A delightful tale of whimsy and mysticism, watch it below.



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