Time to let go and move on – silver is the new gold

If you had not noticed, gold really had its moment in the last several years, washing us in tidal waves of warm iridescent metal. It seems only natural now as the seasons start to transition, we might be feeling inspired to also shed, let go and transition. Taking the cue from some of our favourite luxury brands like Bottega Veneta, we too, are feeling it's time for a silver twist. Here are some of my favourite silver jewellery pieces to help you smoothly trade in your gold for a cooler change.



J Hannah

J Hannah

Photos courtesy of J Hannah


Always so effortless in delivery, J Hannah is always a favourite. All hand fabricated out of Los Angeles and cast out of 100% post consumer recycled silver and gold, each and every piece is created mindfully. With the mission to become pieces we keep forever, J Hannah's beautiful offering will surely become a keepsake in anyone's collection.



Sophie Buhai

Sophie Buhai
Photos courtesy of Sophie Buhai


Beloved Sophie Buhai. A jewellery brand that creates nostalgic moments and timeless pieces. The most beautifully crafted silver chains reminiscent of your grandfather, bold stackable rings married with pearl, lapis and onyx - jewellery made for the woman who loves a bold twist on a classic.




Photos courtesy of Faris


Designed and produced out of Seattle, Faris Du Graf is the mastermind behind Faris. Always playing on sculpture and bold statements, her work is always a statement. From melding silver together with precious stones, sculptural silver cuffs and fine bands that weave around your fingers and ears - if you want your transition to be elegant but bold - look no further that Faris.



Sapir Bachar

Sapir Bachar 1
Photos courtesy of Sapir Bacha


New York based Sapir Bachar would be a jewellery brand to watch. With a play on minimalism and abstract forms, each piece somehow drapes around the body. Complete with handcrafted fastenings and ornamental features, every piece of Sapir Bachar is worthy of our love.


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