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Pleasure time: Juliet Allen is talking sexual self care for RUSSH Weekend

Sexologist Juliet Allen RUSSH Weekend

Before you attend her session on relationships, self care and self pleasure for RUSSH Weekend, meet sexologist Juliet Allen.

In case you were wondering, Juliet Allen loves her job. "I'm a sexologist: I get paid to talk about sex all day long. It's a dream!" For Allen, that entails an online platform called Pleasure School, her Authentic Sex podcast, and her range of crystal pleasure wands designed, Allen says, "to connect people to their true sexual essence".

Allen derives her teachings from studies in psychology, sexology and Tantra. "More importantly though, I have explored my sexuality extensively and have a lot of experience. I believe that's what counts the most and what makes me excel at what I do."

For RUSSH Weekend, she's imparting that wisdom with her Pleasure Time session, including an audience Q&A. (Submit your anonymous questions via @russhmagazine tonight, or email us on [email protected] with the subject line: Pleasure Time.)

You can attend Pleasure Time with Juliet Allen live on @russhmagazine, on Saturday July 18.

But first, read our interview with Allen for a taste of what's to come. Plus insights into why our libidos are at an all-time low - and how to connect to your sexual self on the daily.


When it comes to sexuality, what are the biggest challenges of our time? And the positive aspects?

I believe it's the stigma that surrounds sex. That's the biggest hurdle we all need to overcome if we are to feel sexually empowered as individuals. This can be tracked back to the teachings of the church and various religions that demonise sex throughout history. (And still do).

The positive aspects of the world we live in now are that more and more people are tapping into the power of their sexual energy and embracing their true selves. And with the help of social media, more and more holistic sex education is becoming available, which means more and more people are feeling sexually empowered.


It's been a tumultuous year. What kind of impacts have isolation, stress and concerns about the world at large have on people's intimate lives?

Well the obvious one is that people's libidos have been at an all-time low due to the added stress. Stress in any form impacts our libido!


How can we connect with our sensual and sexual selves on the daily?

First, make a commitment and prioritise connection in this way on a daily basis. Then seek support and education that empowers us to learn as much as we can and grow and transform this area of our lives. I have heaps of resources and information about daily self-love and self-pleasure rituals in Pleasure School.


You'll be answering questions from readers for RUSSH Weekend. What should audiences look forward to in your session?

They can look forward to real-life questions about intimacy, sex and pleasure being answered. I'm straight to the point and very real as a practitioner, and I'm looking forward to supporting the RUSSH audience to feel more sexually empowered!


Please tell us about your upcoming Pleasure School ...

Pleasure School is a 12-month learning experience for anyone who is ready to explore the exciting and healing depths of their true sexual essence. It’s an online classroom that makes the study of sex, intimacy, conscious connections and embodiment available to everyone. Every month for 12 months, students of Pleasure School access members-only educational content across a range of formats including written, audio, video and guided home study. From creating a balanced lifestyle supported by positive, powerful relationships, to establishing a strong inner union and an inner confidence and a love for life, the lessons taught in Pleasure School will transform the way you think about yourself and your sexuality. Pleasure School opens for new student enrolments this month on July 29th!


RUSSH Weekend - a festival for creative minds - runs on Instagram Live at @russhmagazine from Saturday July 18 to Sunday July 19. Find out more, here.

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