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Sinking into Sedona’s new single, ‘Quicksand’

sedona quicksand

We were introduced to Sedona’s voice when she walked on to sing the classic duet Islands in the Stream with Alex Cameron on his most recent Australian tour and she has held our attention. Sedona’s voice is classic and nostalgic, channelling the clarity of an 80s pop icon through a referential 90s/early 2000s lens.

Sedona’s writing is honest and confessional, she seeks to heal her former hurts with the salve of song writing, and Quicksand appears to continue the narrative from former single Sharkbite. Quicksand is the voice of the gardener, taking care of the addict flower – it is laced with the frustration and anger that one feels, but ultimately it is a song of resilience and perseverance. There is the pain of your loved one relapsing into alcoholism, yet the resolve to support and forgive, Sedona manages to reassure the listener that despite everything, she’ll always find a way to be there “even if the floor is quicksand.”

There is an openness and likability in Sedona’s demeanour that comes through in her writing and performance. The large soaring pop chorus takes the edge off the macabre undertones within the lyrics and provides an optimism and strength. Sedona has directed her own videos and has a strong sense of her own aesthetic, previously she has said that “Being a woman in the music and film industry can be exhausting at times. People don’t take you as seriously… There were multiple moments where I was not being heard and it was discouraging. But then you just have a glass of wine and cry it out. And then you get up and try again the next day.” This perseverance is reflected in Quicksand, which is the entryway to her debut album Getting into Heaven due later this year.

Watch Sedona's new video for her single, Quicksand, below.

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