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Everything you need to know about the confronting Netflix documentary, ‘Seaspiracy’

Seaspiracy Netflix

Over the weekend, the highly-anticipated documentary Seaspiracy dropped on Netflix. Created by the same team who produced the 2014 documentary, Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret; British filmmaker and director Ali Tabrizi has set out again to shine a light on the damaging and almost irreversible practices that are destroying the planet's ecosystems.

The 90 minute exposé is a harsh reminder of the negative impacts of commercial fishing; touching on all aspects including the importance of sharks and whales to our ecosystems, the effects of microplastics, fish farm slavery and overfishing.

Aiming to broaden our understanding of what is widely considered as the most immediate and pressing dangers to marine life. Wanting to find out more before you settle in for an evening of necessary viewing? Here's everything we know about the Netflix documentary Seaspiracy.


What is the Netflix documentary Seaspiracy about?

As per the documentary's official synopsis; "Passionate about ocean life, a filmmaker sets out to document the harm that humans do to marine species—and uncovers alarming global corruption." Filmmakers Ali and Lucy Tabrizi are behind the ground-breaking film; joining forces with long-time collaborator Kip Anderson, who is the maker of Cowspiracy and What the Health.

Speaking of his latest project, Tabrizi shared that when he and his team initially began piecing this film together, they "had no idea of the sheer scale of what they were about to uncover." Tabrizi's journey began from a desire to expose the harmful effects of plastic pollution in our oceans and the ongoing farming of whales in Japan; but quickly became a deep-dive into the legal and ethical corruption of the commercial fishing industry. From the trailer alone, it's clear that Seaspiracy exposes us to all sides of the issue – and it certainly does not hold back.

What did we learn from Seaspiracy?

There are more than a few key takeaways from the Seaspiracy documentary. While we recommend watching it for yourself, one of the main sticking points in the film is around 'bycatch'; which, describes the fish and other marine species that are unintentionally caught when trying to catch another type of fish. Seaspiracy also highlights that sustainable fish certifications may not be what they seem; alluding to the fact that the seal of approval given by the Marine Stewardship Council is not authentic.

Is Seaspiracy available to watch on Netflix Australia?

Seaspiracy is now available to watch on Netflix here in Australia. If you're interested in learning more about the documentary and the impacts of the commercial fishing industry, the film has also established its own Instagram page.

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