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Saoirse Ronan’s next film is a satirical thriller based on a Swedish author’s debut novel

Saoirse Ronan's next film is a satirical thriller called 'Bad Apples'

I'm not sure we'll ever get enough of seeing Irish actor Saoirse Ronan on the silver screen – whether it's alongside Timothee Chalamet and Greta Gerwig in films like Little Women or Lady Bird, or more recently across from Paul Mescal in Amazon's newest thriller film Foe (which was filmed in Australia, we might add!), so it was to our delight that we found out this morning Ronan is set to star in a new project called Bad Apples, which is slated to begin filming early next year in the UK.


What is the film about?

Bad Apples is a satirical comedy-slash-thriller film, an adaptation of Swedish novelist Rasmus Lindgren’s debut book De Oönskade. It tells the story of a young primary school teacher named Maria (set to be played by Ronan) whose class of 10-year-olds are being disrupted due to one particularly unruly and chaotic student in attendance. Despite her best efforts to inspire the class – and while questioning her career – Maria makes a series of unfortunate decision that result in her accidentally kidnapping and locking up this 'bad apple' of a student in her own home. Coming to terms with her complicated predicament, Maria oscillates between to extremes in this moral conundrum – on the one hand, wanting to backtrack, and on the other, she sees her class begin to flourish, and parents offering her praise.


Who is a part of the project?

Four-time Academy Award nominee Saoirse Ronan is set to star as leading lady, Maria, under the direction of  Jonatan Etzler (One More Time). While we don't have a further cast list at this early point in production, we're excited to see what other names might attach themselves to the project in the coming months.


When will it be released?

Saoirse Ronan is set to begin filming Bad Apples in the UK around March next year, we're thinking it's likely we won't see this one in cinemas until early 2025.


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