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Save the date – Saint Laurent Women’s Winter 21 Collection is among us

Saint Laurent

It has become apparent that Saint Laurent is one fashion house that never seems to sleep. From creative director Anthony Vaccarello's inception, Saint Laurent has dabbled in just about everything from setting up a cultural destination that is Saint Laurent Rive Droite to delving into the world of short films, publishing and most recently in the world of Japanese toys.

Now, it's time to now mark another venture in your diaries - Wednesday 28th of April 2pm CET or Wednesday 28th 10pm AEST as Saint Laurent officially announce the time and date for its Women’s Winter 21 Collection show, as envisioned by creative director Anthony Vaccarello.



Following on from its last grandiose womens presentation for Summer 21, where Vaccarello and Saint Laurent had us transported far and wide to the world of swirling sand dunes and vast desert landscapes - now, Saint Laurent offers us just a teaser, leaving its Womens Winter 21 Collection presentation all up to our vivid imagination.


Taunting us with only a snippet of a colossal waterfall, gushing over the knife's edge of a gigantic mountain top, Saint Laurent knows how to keep the world guessing. Using the grand landscapes of mother nature as the ultimate unrivalled catwalk, Saint Laurent takes the liberty in keeping the world wondering - so where and what will be next? As we have all come to know, Anthony Vaccarello's Saint Laurent has become the place for the unexpected, always reimagining the omniscient and the obscure, best becoming known for its eccentric taste in cast and collaborators.


From producing prolific short films with renown directors such as Gasper Noe and most recently, Jim Jarmusch - the fashion house continues its pledge to surprise and beguile within the realms of creative diversity and exploration. Quickly coming to prove that in the world of Saint Laurent, there are no boundaries or lines - let yourself be seduced. Mark it in pen and memory - Wednesday 28th of April at 2pm CET, Saint Laurent takes us on again.


For more information visit, the show will stream live on and all official Saint Laurent channels.


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