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Make some room on your shelf for the highly coveted Saint Laurent ES Giant bag

If the Saint Laurent Icare Maxi Tote was a shoe-in for favourite large bag releases of 2022, donned by celebrities and coveted by all, there's a new bag on the block set to take to the arms of big bag lovers everywhere. Already seen on the likes of Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Olivia Wilde, and Mark Tuan, we'll be sure to be seeing a lot more of these very large bag on the shoulders of everyone from influencers to your wealthy aunt in months to come. Read on to find out more about the Saint Laurent ES Giant Travel Bag in all its glory.

Why does the ES Giant Travel Bag hold such a strong appeal, you may ask? Big bags are certainly in their thrive era as we are (hopefully) past the trenches of the pandemic and happily dancing from work to pilates to dinners. And the ES Travel Bag looks like the perfect accompaniment to fit clothes, toothbrushes and hair, with room for a bottle of wine if you're in the mood for that sort of thing.



It features a supple structure with curvy lines emphasised by the light bronze zipped closure. It sports an elegant diamond quilting pattern with two long handles and a removable leather strap. The bag is made from quilted calf leather and features a light bronze lock feature.



If you're someone on the go who wants to look effortlessly chic à la Nailea Devora or Olivia Wilde, it may just be the time to dig deep. Shop the Saint Laurent ES bag from the Saint Laurent website.

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